Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unofficial 4A Call-Ups

Two errors have been spotted (and corrected) so far on 4A call-up lists.  Thanks to everyone for the help and patience.

Plenty of emails and comments I haven't gotten around to replying to.  Sorry about that.

Please let me know about any other errors you find so I can fix them in the morning.

Ties in the boys' 50 free and boys' 200 free relay were "broken" using prelim times.

If 5A is ready before I turn in, I'll get those up tonight.  If not, we'll post first thing in the a.m.


kmac said...

Is there any where we can see all the 4a region results? Tisca is missing region V and region VIII. Be nice to see where everyone falls in with call ups.

Anonymous said...

4a Region 8 is posted on

Anonymous said...

Could you post the rest of the 4A call ups? You only have event 500 and the other events after the 500.