Wednesday, February 27, 2019


If you missed the two (2) Texas stops, you might want to hurry up and book a flight out west.

Monday's Sugar Land performance was...impossible to describe..I guess you had to be there...

West-coast readers, don't miss Sarah's Hymn tour.  She's headed your way.

Sarah Brightman Tickets

Thank me after the show.

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Land is the secure ground of home, the sea
is like life, the outside, the unknown.

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Stephen Gardiner

Monday, February 11, 2019

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They say that in the end truth will triumph, but it's a lie.

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weakly Demotivator

Mathletics a Thing of the Past?

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This morning Yahoo! has this:

Anger at Trump over dip in average tax refunds

Non-mathletes are outraged!

The nerve of our Trump-led government!

How dare they keep less of our earnings!!

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We must believe in luck.  How else can we
explain the success of those we don't like?

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Saturday, February 09, 2019

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A man never knows how to say goodbye;
a woman never knows when to say it.

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Friday, February 08, 2019

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At least when it's in French, I won't
know what the heck they're saying.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Is That You Mo-Dean?

State Meet Tickets

NEW THIS YEAR: Online tickets will be available this year at, 2019 UIL State Swimming & Diving tickets. Onsite tickets will still be available on the day of the meet. The Box Office and gates will open an hour and a half prior to the start of each session on Friday (8:30 – 6A session; 4:00 – 5A session) and an hour prior to the start of each session on Saturday (8:30 – 6A session; 2:30 – 5A session). Please note, ALL tickets for the State Meet are General Admission and saving seats will not be permitted. Re-entry is not allowed unless an ALL-MEET ticket is purchased.

Ticket Prices (Cash and Credit Cards ONLY. No checks will be accepted.)
Student (session)                 $7.00
Adult (session)                      $12.00
All-Meet                                $30.00

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I don't believe it.  Prove it to me and I still won't believe it.

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Douglas Noel Adams

Sunday, February 03, 2019

UIL Official Call-Ups

Links to UIL Official Call-Up Lists:



Noticed Region VIII-5A boys' backstroker John Delostrinos of Harlan is 7th on UIL site, but listed as DQ on Meet Mobile.  Shows DQ for both prelim & final.

Anyone in Region VIII-5A care to enlighten us?  He's shown on newspaper site as 3rd w/time UIL has listed.

Edit:  Appears to be Meet Mobile issue.  Official result shows he qualified first in prelims and finished 3rd in finals w/:53.40.

Also, why in the world did they show diving call-ups on the 5A list?  No such thing!

Region Meets, Part II

Last year's post-region meet posted post is here

Let's kick off this year's post-region posting with links to 5A & 6A Unofficial state meet call-ups.  These are pre-scratch and unofficial.  If you spot errors/omissions, please get those to me ASAP.

Okay, now for the fun stuff.

Time to share "irregularities" that we experienced at our region meets.

Please, allow me to go first:

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1. Scoreboard flickered a few times, then "died" early in prelims.  During that time Meet Mobile wasn't active, so fans were more than a little unhappy.

2. Remember that new rule about marking sides of pools for 15m?  Well...traffic cones...

3. Swimmer patiently paying attention to coach in love with sound of own voice.  Meanwhile, 30 yards away, event is on the blocks...but missing just one kid.  You guessed it, motor-mouth's kid is now a no-show.  Meet referee was kind enough to make it a "delay of meet" DQ.  Could have easily been out rest of meet for NS.

4. Meet director told of late scratch in medley relay, which created open lane in championship finals.  Went ahead and swam consols as originally seeded.  Put 17th place team in championship final open lane.  Compounded error by allowing consolation winners to move up to 8th place and score additional four points.  Went to meet committee and they backed meet director.  Rule book clearly states consolation finalists can score no higher than 9th place (a.k.a. The Death Seat) points.  My rule book is now in a dumpster somewhere out back of the facility...

5. Coaches shocked when they receive email showing a six-hour+ timeline for finals.  Must have forgotten diving was the night before.

6. Official setting out lap counters for finals.  Pauses to turn each one to "red" before placing neatly on bulkhead.  Apparently it was opposite day.

7. About that scoreboard...reanimated late in finals session...

Your turn:

Weakly Demotivator

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The discipline of the written word punishes
both stupidity and dishonesty.

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John Ernst Steinbeck, Jr.

1st Draft 6A (corrections in bold red)

Please let me know of any errors or omissions ASAP!


                      1:47.11            Stratford
                      1:47.70            Allen
                      1:47.76            Rockwall
                      1:47.91            Round Rock
                      1:48.31            Heath
                      1:48.50            Clements
                      1:48.74            Cinco Ranch
                      1:49.34            Vandergrift


                      1:35.65            Flower Mound
                      1:36.15            Klein
                      1:36.35            Strake Jesuit
                      1:36.41            Stratford
                      1:36.71            Lake Travis
                      1:37.07            Cy-Fair
                      1:37.21            McNeil
                      1:37.32            H. Memorial


                      1:51.97            Traipe                                    Dawson
                      1:51.97            Simpson                                Rockwall
                      1:52.72            Zettle                                     Carroll
                      1:53.38            Follis                                       Seven Lakes
                      1:53.77            Clark                                      Taylor
                      1:54.03            Merriott                                Heath
                      1:54.06            Yin                                          Round Rock
                      1:54.10            Kruchten                               The Woodlands


                      1:40.06            Hickman-Chow                   The Woodlands
                      1:40.48            Graham                                 Heath
                      1:40.72            Lindley                                   Carroll
                      1:40.95            Flynn                                      Vista Ridge
                      1:41.42            Romero                                 Plano West
                      1:41.42            Dix                                          Flower Mound
                      1:42.19            Darnell                                  Oak Ridge
                      1:42.24            Mitchell                                 Seven Lakes


                      2:03.96            Wozniak                               Flower Mound
                      2:04.24            Cormack                               Carroll
                      2:04.52            Evert                                      Kingwood
                      2:05.99            Alvarez                                  Taylor
                      2:06.94            Hoffman                               Dulles
                      2:07.24            Rausch                                   Lake Travis
                      2:07.97            Roberto                                 Vandergrift
                      2:08.03            Morse                                    Pearland


                      1:52.60            Repice                                    Carroll
                      1:53.32            Weaver                                 Rockwall
                      1:53.39            Kopp                                      Taylor
                      1:53.44            Pickering                               Kingwood
                      1:53.48            Czelusta                                H. Memorial
                      1:53.99            Valdez                                   Lake Travis
                      1:54.39            Mason                                   Clear Lake
                      1:54.41            Riser                                       Westwood


                  :23.71                  Hennig                                   Klein
                  :23.80                  Bernal                                    Cinco Ranch
                  :24.09                  Williams                                Klein
                  :24.13                  Burchett                                Cedar Ridge
                  :24.18                  Dalbey                                   Flower Mound
                  :24.28                  Guerra                                   Westlake
                  :24.30                  Scott                                      Clear Springs
                  :24.30                  Forbes                                   Central


                  :20.93                  Oderinde                              Klein Oak
                  :21.17                  Garcia                                    Reagan
                  :21.24                  Chang                                    Clements
                  :21.30                  Butler                                     Anderson
                  :21.41                  Doehring                              Kingwood
                  :21.46                  LaPrade                                 Cinco Ranch
                  :21.46                  Broad                                     Pearce
                  :21.47                  Kuo                                         Plano


                  :56.51                  Everett                                  The Woodlands
                  :56.69                  Lax                                          Bowie
                  :56.72                  Eckhart                                  Cy-Creek
                  :56.89                  Edmundson                         Flower Mound
                  :57.04                  Balint                                     Carroll
                  :57.10                  Dieckert                                Round Rock
                  :57.15                  Harrop                                  The Woodlands
                  :57.25                  Armistead                             Allen


                  :49.83                  Oderinde                              Klein Oak
                  :50.12                  Repice                                    Carroll
                  :50.94                  McNiece                                Cain
                  :51.01                  Pinckney                               Mansfield
                  :51.08                  Miller                                     Arlington
                  :51.13                  Langley                                  Kingwood
                  :51.17                  Stallworth                            Clark
                  :51.18                  Mason                                   Strake Jesuit


                  :51.53                  Truong                                  Westwood
                  :51.88                  Burchett                                Cedar Ridge
                  :51.93                  Birlin                                      Vandergrift
                  :52.02                  Ebert                                      Kingwood
                  :52.04                  Hultquist                               Rockwall
                  :52.32                  Scott                                      Clear Springs
                  :52.46                  Taylor                                    Anderson
                  :52.47                  Casas                                      Taylor


                  :46.08                  Holt                                        Clear Creek
                  :46.26                  Hickman-Chow                   The Woodlands
                  :46.42                  Broad                                     Pearce
                  :47.07                  Mowles                                 Marcus
                  :47.10                  Pope                                      McNeil
                  :47.28                  Russell                                   Strake Jesuit
                  :47.31                  Sheppard                              Plano East
                  :47.32                  Clark                                      Tyler


                      4:53.21            Kizek                                      Morton Ranch
                      5:00.28            Dafoe                                     Cy-Fair
                      5:00.61            Rausch                                   Lake Travis
                      5:00.95            Roberts                                 The Woodlands
                      5:01.66            Barrientos                            The Woodlands
                      5:03.70            Zettle                                     Carroll
                      5:04.24            Bennett                                 Cy-Ranch
                      5:04.57            Walpole                                Reagan


                      4:29.59            Dickey                                   Plano East
                      4:31.91            Dement                                 Bridgeland
                      4:32.93            Lindley                                   Carroll
                      4:33.06            Ahn                                        Seven Lakes
                      4:33.89            Williams                                Carroll
                      4:35.01            Yu-Kisselbach                      Heath
                      4:35.13            Flynn                                      Vista Ridge
                      4:35.70            Lund                                       Klein Oak


                      1:37.54            Anderson
                      1:37.88            Allen
                      1:38.15            Vandergrift
                      1:38.25            Ridge Point
                      1:38.47            Stratford
                      1:38.57            Clements
                      1:38.67            Deer Park
                      1:38.71            Keller


                      1:25.69            Seven Lakes
                      1:26.14            Klein
                      1:26.22            Round Rock
                      1:26.33            Stratford
                      1:26.52            Westwood
                      1:26.59            Ridge Point
                      1:26.74            Clear Falls
                      1:27.06            Vandergrift


                  :56.13                  Clark                                      Taylor
                  :56.44                  Stanford                               Cy-Woods
                  :56.53                  Lloyd                                      Kingwood
                  :56.76                  Tran                                       Tompkins
                  :57.77                  Barrientos                            The Woodlands
                  :58.15                  Pineda                                   Keller
                  :58.31                  Burcham                               Reagan
                  :58.51                  Bosuro                                   Lake Ridge


                  :51.06                  Jennings                                Spring Woods
                  :51.14                  Green                                    Kingwood
                  :51.19                  Graham                                 Heath
                  :51.40                  Brockette                              Lake Highlands
                  :51.89                  Conklin                                  Clear Falls
                  :52.00                  Mohseni                                Lake Ridge
                  :52.03                  Taylor                                    Oak Ridge
                  :52.09                  Kennedy                               Madison


                      1:04.57            Cormack                               Carroll
                      1:05.13            Schlegel                                 Clear Lake
                      1:05.19            Sippel                                     Tompkins
                      1:05.49            Fields                                     The Woodlands
                      1:05.62            Migault                                  Coppell
                      1:05.84            Brown                                   Rockwall
                      1:05.95            Evans                                     Taylor
                      1:05.97            Simpson                                Bowie


                  :56.60                  Mason                                   Clear Lake
                  :57.88                  Van Lier                                 The Woodlands
                  :57.94                  Pickering                               Kingwood
                  :57.94                  Kogucki                                 Kingwood
                  :58.40                  Bates                                      Strake Jesuit
                  :58.42                  Scott                                      The Woodlands
                  :58.56                  Beladi                                     Keller
                  :58.69                  Rytting                                   Lamar


                      3:32.95            Round Rock
                      3:33.54            Bowie
                      3:33.92            Vandergrift
                      3:33.92            Cinco Ranch
                      3:34.34            Allen
                      3:34.65            Westlake
                      3:34.65            Seven Lakes
                      3:36.28            Byron Nelson


                      3:07.04            Klein Oak
                      3:10.57            Anderson
                      3:10.85            Heath
                      3:10.95            Westwood
                      3:11.21            Taylor
                      3:11.88            Bellaire
                      3:12.46            Clements
                      3:12.65            Stratford