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2017 Theron Pickle Scholarships

Greg just sent out email w/this year's recipients:


Mabel Fowler, Uvalde HS
Ellery Parish, Alamo Heights HS


Matt Brewer, San Angelo Central HS
Glenn Cowand, Cinco Ranch HS


Updated a few of the club time standards links.  Sorry for the delays.

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USA Swimming article on Clark Smith is here

“Swimming is fun… sometimes. I definitely still find enjoyment in it. I think I was about 4 when I started lessons. I remember loathing it sometimes as a kid because I was either lazy or would rather be playing with my friends in the street. If I’m being honest, it’s not the most fun sport, but it is definitely the most rewarding. There’s no doubt about that.”

Oops!  There goes the "Funnest Sport" campaign down the main drain...

In funnest sport news, swim program dropper Maryland defeated swim program supporter Ohio State for the men's NCAA title.  Matt Rambo:

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USMS Short Course Nationals (Ryan Lochte appeared)

Cap2k Results

FloSwimming caught up with Eddie Reese here

Unfortunately, his message about changing training plans will be totally ignored by the group of coaches who need it most...

Pulled up hike journal and here's what I posted two years ago today.  We were in New Jersey:

Day 113 - 5/30
On trail by 6:30. Another hot and humid day. We surprised a large bear and were glad he took off into the woods. Stopped at High Point State Park HQ. Signing in got us some trail magic and I was able to buy some postcards. They were kind enough to remind us that hitchhiking is illegal in New Jersey, then we went out and got a hitch into Port Jervis. Couldn't get pics off camera on Days Inn computer, so that will have to wait until I can get onto a better computer.

Getting rides in PA & NJ was pretty tough, but there were a handful of folks who'd pick up scruffy lookin' stinky guys now and then.

Guy that picked us up that day said "Everybody thinks guys from New Jersey are rude, but we're just honest.  The place I'm taking you has a shower and laundry."

Quote of the Day

Achievements on the golf course are not what
matters.  Decency and honesty are what matter.

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Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods

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Quote of the Day

Some are blessed with musical ability, others with
good looks.  Myself, I was blessed with modesty.

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Sir Roger George Moore

Monday, May 15, 2017

Quote of the Day

I was always the last one chosen for
football games in Central Park.

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Merlin Jay Olsen

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quote of the Day

The secret of your success is
determined by your daily agenda.

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John Calvin Maxwell

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Quote of the Day

Liberty, when it begins to take
root, is a plant of rapid growth.

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George Washington

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In case y'all missed it...

First, a few jobs:

Summer Creek HS (Humble ISD) needs a head coach.  Contact Brian Ford at 281-850-1601

Anderson HS (Austin ISD) needs a head coach.  Contact Juli Zamora

Centennial HS (Burleson ISD) needs an assistant coach.  Contact Jeremy Martin at 817-501-6419

Pflugerville HS needs a head coach.  Contact April Hundl

The City of Copperas Cove needs a recreation/aquatics specialist

The Twin Lakes Family YMCA needs an aquatics coordinator

Six Flags Fiesta Texas needs an aquatics senior supervisor

Remember, you can click on the "Jobs" label below this post to view other recently listed jobs...or, you can just scroll down through a bunch of really important stuff you missed in between.  If it were me, I'd just click the jobs link.

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Aggie Sarah Gibson (Reagan HS '13) has been named SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year.  More here

The TISCA Academic All-State list has been updated.  Congratulations to our high school swimming brainiacs!  View here

Most of us are fortunate to work in programs with excellent parent support and great two-way communication, right?

A few - and I hope it's just a few - deal with parent meddling.

Basketball's Meddling Parent of the Year award goes to LaVar Ball.

In March, Chino Hills athletic director Jeff Schuld said that the school would side with Gilling over Ball despite Ball's public claims that Gilling would be replaced. Gilling, though, would be fired four weeks later.

Chino Hills will now look for its third head basketball coach in three seasons.

Thanks for the heads up, DJA.  More here

via Swim Houston Aquatics

Former HSC head coach Gilbert Legaspi has started a new club in a new facility.  More here

April's most viewed posts were:  Employment Opportunities, TISCA News, & Stuff You've Probably Already Seen

USA Swimming will hold 2020 Trials in Omaha.  Nice of them to make that official now, rather than put everyone through another round of the 2016 "Where should we hold trials?" bit.  More here

The University of North Dakota's in the news lately.

via Grand Forks Herald

Former head coach (1980-2002) Mike Stromberg is speaking out about the dumping of his UND swim program.

For many years, our swim lesson program—run by UND swimming and diving—made more money for the athletic department than the football program.

It seems strange to choose to close a door on one of the most successful athletic programs in the history of UND. The exemplary student athletes charged the UND flag to the national level in swimming, diving and desire—that is, until that door abruptly was closed.

More here

UND is under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights for alleged Title IX violations.

The investigation was officially launched on April 14—a little more than two weeks after UND announced that it was cutting its women's hockey and men's and women's swimming and diving teams.

UND made the cuts as part of a campus-wide financial restructuring in anticipation of a dip in state funds.

Kennedy asked the athletic department to cut $1.3 million out of its annual budget. The budgets of women's hockey and men's and women's swimming and diving total roughly $2.9 million, but some of the money and scholarships from those sports will be reallocated into other sports.

More here

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Finally, our sport lost one of its all-time greats Friday.  Adolph Kiefer passed away at the age of 98.

Watch a short video on Kiefer here (wouldn't embed)

Weakly Demotivator

Quote of the Day

That men do not learn very much from the
lessons of history is the most important of
all the lessons that history has to teach.

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Aldous Leonard Huxley

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