Friday, March 27, 2020

More Jobs

Ridge Point HS head coach & assistant coach - Mike Duswalt

Fort Bend ISD aquatics manager & assistant manager/dive coach 

Wylie HS head coach - Clay Martin

Regents School of Austin assistant - Beck Brydon

Tomball HS head coach - Kevin Flanigan

Hendrickson HS head coach

Oak Cliff YMCA regional sports & aquatics director

City of McAllen pool manager

City of Tyler pool manager

Semones Family YMCA swim team coach

Quote of the Day

Idealism increases in direct proportion
to one's distance from the problem.

via Circulating Now

John Galsworthy

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

2020 Clark Wilson Invite

If you'd like a copy of this year's Clark Wilson Invite, a.k.a. Mythical 4A State Championships, send me an email and I'll attach it to a reply.

Top ten teams were:


Great Hearts
Liberty Hill


El Campo


El Campo
Great Hearts

Quote of the Day

I don't believe reporters are supposed to
be the story.  That's how I was trained.

Abilio James "Jim" Acosta

Monday, March 23, 2020

Quote of the Day

I have awards right now that I do not
remember walking on stage to get.

Kenneth Ray "Kenny" Rogers

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Quote of the Day

When you want to build a ship, do not
begin by gathering wood, cutting boards,
and distributing work, but rather
awaken within men the desire for
the vast and endless sea.

Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Where's the Logic?

Our wonderful news media has spent years portraying our president as an idiot, right?  According to them, he's as dumb as a stump.  Incompetent!  Stupid!

In contrast, the the media is loaded with brainiacs who know what's what and we need to lap it all up.  Trust them...they have degrees in journalism and such.

If you're knowledgeable on a particular subject and you state a falsehood, you're likely lying, right?

If you don't have all the facts and state a falsehood, you're probably mistaken, correct?

Friday, during his National Emergency declaration, President Trump announced that Google was working on a Coronavirus Testing website.

The media went right to work on debunking his claim.

Someone at Google said they weren't working on a national website, just one for the Bay Area.

Right away, our "incompetent" president was a LIAR!  He's lying to us!!  Hey, everyone, your president is a lying liar!!!  Can you believe that fool lied?!?!  What a danged dumb liar...he really is the worst person in the world!!!!

Yesterday, Reuters reported that Google actually is developing a nationwide site.  Read more here.

“We are fully aligned and continue to work with the U.S. government to contain the spread of COVID-19, inform citizens, and protect the health of our communities,” Google said in a statement on Twitter.


So, the press wants it both ways, don't they?

They want to be allowed to question both our president's cognitive abilities and his honesty.

How is that logical?  You can't have both, so just pick one!  Is he "low IQ" or a big fat "fibber"?

The media is largely made up of ___s (fill in the blank) who will go on about the geniuses (genii) at Google, but would never dream of calling them dishonest.

After all, stating that they weren't working on the website was just an honest mistake...

Weakly Demotivator

Quote of the Day

I have learned over the years that when one's
mind is made up, this diminishes fear;  knowing
what must be done does away with fear.

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Random Thoughts

Legendary Olympic swim coach Bobby "Freestyle" Freeman hosted a freestyle/backstroke webinar recently:

Are you prepared for the pullback?  Expect hiring freezes, at least in the short term.  If you have an offer, make sure it's solid (in writing) before you drop what you have!

If you've been kicked out of your facilities, improvise.

Find other options for water time.  Local health club?  Hotel pool?  Open water*?  Anything to maintain a feel for the water, right?

Carmel has a great selection of dry-land videos here.  Many of those can be done by your kids on their own.

Crazy as things are getting at the stores, replace the C-note in the above picture with Charmin...

Essentials on the AT are, of course, water, food, & shelter.  Right behind those are TP and hand sanitizer.  Maybe those hoarders are just prepping for a looooooong backpacking trip.

With this layoff, I'm catching up on my reading.  I'm a big fan of works by Nevil Shute (Norway).  Rereading several of his novels.  Just finished up A Town Like Alice (a.k.a. The Legacy) and started on Pied Piper.

Once in a while, I switch the radio to NPR.  Since some of my tax dollars fund it, why not?  Also, it's good to keep up with what the elite libs are up to, right?

NPR:  Dividing our nation, one anecdote at a time!

Oh yeah, also working on the 2020 Clark Wilson Invite, a.k.a. Mythical 4A State Championship.

*Make sure it's gator- & shark-free.  Also, a good ear mix is a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol & vinegar.

Quote of the Day

One who deceives will always find those
who allow themselves to be deceived.

via flickr

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


San Antonio Wave assistant coach

City of Keller assistant aquatics supervisor

Leander HS head swim coach - Kenneth Debord

Andrews HS assistant high school & middle school - Mike Waldmann

Belton HS head swim coach - Kimberly Davies

Skyline HS head swim coach - Herman Johnson

Semones Family YMCA masters swim coach

Ridge Point HS head coach - Evelyn Torres

McAllen Swim Club swim coach

Canyon Creek Country Club swim coach

Quote of the Day

There cannot be a crisis next week.
My schedule is already full.

Heinz Alfred "Henry" Kissinger

Monday, February 24, 2020

Quote of the Day

If I have seen further than others, it is by
standing upon the shoulders of giants.

via Biography

Sir Isaac Newton

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Five Years Ago

It's been five years since Bobby and I were backpacking in some of the worst of conditions.

Day 12 - 2/18 - Windy and cold hike to Carter gap shelter. Saw only Longhorn all day. Thick ice on trees. 2" in places. Very cold windy night. Wind chills had to be well below zero.

Day 13 - 2/19 - More misery. Fuel barely working. Almost impossible to keep water bottles thawed. More dangerous hiking in ice and snow. We wanted to take bypass around Albert mountain but were not sure and couldn't afford to get lost. So, up and over we went. Throwing poles up past rocks and grabbing roots, trees, and more rocks to get up. Throw in ice and snow and we were lucky to avoid slips and falls. View was great but we were cold and hustled down. Made Long Branch shelter. One of the newer on trail. We saw no other hikers Was nice winds died down but temps plunged. Probably below zero.

Day 14 - 2/20 - Packed up early and left with frozen water bottles. Skipped breakfast. A few miles in snow got deeper. Drifted over a foot in many places. Slipped and slid our way to Wallace gap only to find a steep climb out of there. Very steep and snowy. When we finally made Winding Stair gap we were able to get a ride almost immediately. Guy is from Canada and said he couldn't believe he was seeing two guys come out of the woods on a day like this. Said it got below zero at his place last night so we had to be colder up at 4,500 feet! Said area had lost power in storms. He was heading to town for supplies to fix broken pipes. Said he'll have a heck of a story to tell his girlfriend. Took us right to microtel. Great hiker rates and well located. Put pack, tent, and boots in tub to thaw while we went next door to shoney's for first meal of day. Excellent!

Quote of the Day

I'm kind of a paranoiac in reverse.  I suspect
people of plotting to make me happy.

Jerome David "J.D." Salinger

Monday, February 17, 2020

Quote of the Day

Never do anything against conscience
even if the state demands it.

Albert Einstein

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Stop wasting your time here!  Instead, waste it at Dana Abbott's Boards&Buoys

The Legends of Texas Clinic (April 2-5) info is here

2020 Texas Swimming & Diving HOF class is here.  Tickets to the Legends Dinner can be purchased here.


United ISD (United South HS & LBJ HS) head swim coaches - Louise Fruia

City of New Braunfels assistant aquatics supervisor

San Antonio Wave site director - coach

Barkers Landing Swim Team head coach & assistant coach

Westwood Waves assistant coach

Benbrook Community Center YMCA aquatics director

Greatwood Geysers assistant coach

The Dominion Country Club swim team coach & pool manager

Northeast Houston Aquatics swim coach/instructor

Brook Hollow Country Club assistant swim coach

Trophy Club head swim coach

Stonebriar Country Club swim coach

City of Austin swim team coaches (30)


2020 State Meet Results



Weakly Demotivator

Quote of the Day

Unthinking respect for authority
is the greatest enemy of truth.

Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Katy Summer Jobs

Job Summary

The West Memorial Tiger Sharks is a growing swim team seeking a new Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. Candidates should be energetic, enthusiastic, and have strong leadership skills. Practices are held during the week at the West Memorial Pool, located in Katy, at the corner of Mason Road and Kingsland Blvd.  Submit resumes to  

Responsibilities and Duties

Provide leadership, instruction and motivation to every swimmer.

Teach strokes, techniques, and sportsmanship at various levels and age groups.

Plan workouts and review with Executive Board. These should include appropriate technique, stroke development, team spirit, etc.

Maintain a safe and positive teaching environment.

Follow all WHALe protocols to ensure safety of swimmers in the water and on the pool deck.

Guide and manage Assistant/Junior Coaches.

Promote and assist with fundraising efforts.

Assist with administrative matters relating to the team and swim meets.

Effectively communicate each athletes progress to the swimmer and parents where appropriate.

Determine swimmer event placement and relay participation to give team best chance to win, while also allowing for swimmer’s development.

Attend all practices and swim team events such as meets, meetings, social events, etc.

Responsible for all meet and invitational entries in a timely manner.

Qualifications and Skills

Experience as a competitive swimmer preferred.

Prior Head Coach or Assistant Coach Experience preferred.

2+ years - swim coaching experience preferred.

Enthusiastic, dynamic presence with good communication skills.

USA Swimming certification and completion of successful background check

Other Information

Pass background check and pre-employment screening prior to employment.

Provide a cover letter, resume and three professional references.

All inquiries are confidential

Quote of the Day

Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.

Mary Jessamyn West

Sunday, February 02, 2020

2020 Official Call-Ups

UIL site has automatic and call-up lists here


Hundreds have viewed each.  Still no corrections.  Please let me know if you spot errors.

Only tie-breaker I found was for 5A Boys 50 free.  Koelzer (Foster) went :21.72 in prelims.

Unofficial 5A Call-Ups

Unofficial 6A Call-Ups

5A Call-Up Draft Only

Missed Solomon in girl back.  Thanks, John!

Please look over and get me corrections ASAP:


              1:47.61            El Paso (1)
              1:52.34            Liberty (3)
              1:52.48            Lovejoy (3)
              1:52.68            Shadow Creek (7)

              1:52.83            Johnson (5)
              1:52.85            Champion (7)
              1:53.29            Kingwood Park (6)
              1:54.12            Cedar Park (5)


              1:37.71            Foster (7)
              1:37.76            Nacogdoches (5)
              1:37.81            Champion (7)
              1:38.13            Reedy (3)

              1:39.17            Cedar Park (5)
              1:39.44            Highland Park (3)
              1:40.35            Memorial (3)
              1:40.41            Friendswood (6)


              1:55.02            Givens, Friendswood (6)
              1:55.05            Worley, Pflugerville (5)
              1:55.76            Carrillo, Rouse (5)
              1:55.89            Oushalkas, Liberty (3)

              1:56.01            Carter, Dripping Springs (5)
              1:57.63            Criscitiello, A&M Cons. (5)
              1:57.65            Shipps, Cedar Park (5)
              1:58.03            Carroll, Alamo Heights (7)


              1:43.18            Henry, Dripping Springs (5)
              1:44.21            Larsen, A&M Cons. (5)
              1:45.74            Martinez, Fredericksburg (7)
              1:45.91            Tidwell, Grand Oaks (6)

              1:46.07            Hunninghake, Rouse (5)
              1:46.18            Sparks, Grapevine (3)
              1:46.67            Gibson, Grapevine (3)
              1:46.73            Hester, McCallum (5)


              2:08.49            Culberson, Magnolia (6)
              2:09.36            Tramp, Pfulgerville (5)
              2:10.97            Blake, Georgetown (5)
              2:11.69            Morris, Wakeland (3)

              2:11.92            Lynch, McCallum (5)
              2:13.13            Karas, Dripping Springs (5)
              2:13.76            Becker, Friendswood (6)
              2:13.96            Ballantyne, Centennial (3)


              1:54.93            Bann, Rouse (5)
              1:56.06            Schaefer, Pflugerville (5)
              1:56.62            Mitsynskyy, Heritage (3)
              1:57.74            Tenkhoff, Wakeland (3)

              1:58.32            Bennett, Kingwood Park (6)
              1:58.81            Lamberg, Marble Falls (5)
              1:59.05            Murray, Grand Oaks (6)
              1:59.86            Ikbal, The Colony (3)


          :23.78                  Myers, Johnson (5)
          :24.38                  Place, Tomball (6)
          :24.57                  Smith, Coronado (1)
          :24.63                  Riley, A&M Cons. (5)

          :24.67                  Gonzalez, Sharyland (8)
          :24.69                  Ayo, Magnolia West (6)
          :24.75                  Dykehouse, Gregory-Portland (8)
          :24.84                  Huang, Highland Park (3)


          :21.12                  Montgomery, Terry (7)
          :21.24                  Sandidge, Champion (7)
          :21.69                  Harman, Cleburne (2)
          :21.72                  Flaherty, Kingwood Park (6)

          :21.74                  Kneese, Fredericksburg (7)
          :21.84                  O’Brien, Memorial (3)
          :21.99                  Miled, Frisco (3)
          :22.07                  Koelzer, Foster (7)


          :57.58                  Turner, Magnolia (6)
          :58.15                  Nelson, Friendswood (6)
          :58.80                  Karas, Dripping Springs (5)
          :59.00                  Langdon, Glenn (5)

          :59.17                  Trujillo, Foster (7)
          :59.23                  Wilson, Pflugerville (5)
          :59.32                  Baylor, McCallum (5)
          :59.37                  Siddapureddy, Johnson (5)


          :51.36                  Pineiro, Georgetown (5)
          :51.99                  Whitaker, Lake Creek (6)
          :52.01                  Gilbert, Wakeland (3)
          :52.37                  Luzuriaga, Heritage (3)

          :52.44                  Berry, HOKS (6)
          :52.58                  Ripp, Kingwood Park (6)
          :52.80                  Zaina, Foster (7)
          :52.80                  Chan, Alamo Heights (7)


          :53.56                  Carter, Dripping Springs (5)
          :53.92                  Gonzalez, Sharyland (8)
          :54.01                  Ayo, Magnolia West (6)
          :54.06                  Fraga, Eastwood (1)

          :54.08                  Robertson, Andrews (1)
          :54.19                  Grigar, East Bernard (7)
          :54.28                  Edmonds, Hallettsville (7)
          :54.35                  Monroe, Amarillo (1)

          :46.60                  Bilke, Heritage (2)
          :46.79                  Guerrero, Veterans Memorial (8)
          :47.39                  Zelasko, Kingwood Park (6)
          :47.46                  Raimondo, Champion (7)

          :47.63                  Montgomery, Terry (7)
          :47.87                  Miled, Frisco (3)
          :47.92                  Bladon, Wakeland (3)
          :47.95                  Nickel, Reedy (3)


              5:04.54            Jones, Lovejoy (3)
              5:09.41            Stewart, Marble Falls (5)
              5:10.21            Carrillo, Rouse (5)
              5:12.44            Morgan, Reedy (3)

              5:14.41            Woods, Brenham (5)
              5:15.06            Henderson, Reedy (3)
              5:16.64            Marshall, Centennial (3)
              5:17.75            Carroll, Alamo Heights (7)


              4:36.54            Henry, Dripping Springs (5)
              4:43.52            Paculba, Creekview (3)
              4:46.95            Tidwell, Grand Oaks (6)
              4:48.27            Mitsynskyy, Heritage (3)

              4:49.49            McCusker, Rouse (5)
              4:49.84            Wadley, East View (5)
              4:50.18            Martinez, Fredericksburg (7)
              4:51.13            Nester, Alamo Heights (7)


              1:40.23            Friendswood (6)
              1:40.75            Champion (7)
              1:40.95            Highland Park (3)
              1:41.23            Lovejoy (3)

              1:41.75            Eastwood (1)
              1:41.79            Lubbock (1)
              1:41.80            Cedar Park (5)
              1:42.02            Dripping Springs (5)

              1:29.44            Alamo Heights (7)
              1:29.61            Lovejoy (3)
              1:29.92            Cedar Park (5)
              1:29.96            Pflugerville (5)

              1:30.09            Reedy (3)
              1:30.13            Fulshear (7)
              1:30.15            Heritage (3)
              1:30.56            Rouse (5)


          :59.24                  Russo, Independence (3)
              1:00.11            Niles, Foster (7)
              1:00.23            Eppright, Lubbock (1)
              1:00.46            Linning, Andrews (1)

              1:00.78            Siddapureddy, Johnson (5)
              1:00.79            Mueller, Hays Johnson (5)
              1:00.79            Solomon, Kingwood Park (6)
              1:00.88            Edmonds, Hallettsville (7)


          :50.68                  Black, Angleton (7)
          :51.63                  Black, Angleton (7)
          :52.62                  Schaefer, Pflugerville (5)
          :52.75                  Zaina, Foster (7)

          :52.89                  Kneese, Fredericksburg (7)
          :53.09                  Murray, Grand Oaks (6)
          :53.10                  Nickel, Reedy (3)
          :53.35                  Holmgreen, Granbury (2)


              1:05.43            Kanary, Hays Johnson (5)
              1:05.51            Koltz, Cedar Park (5)
              1:07.53            Ashbaugh, Marble Falls (5)
              1:07.81            Singletary, Johnson (5)

              1:07.83            Valles, El Paso (1)
              1:08.02            Becker, Friendswood (6)
              1:08.14            Criscitiello, A&M Cons. (5)
              1:08.30            Culberson, Magnolia (6)


          :57.39                  Wu, Cedar Park (5)
          :58.48                  Zaplatar, McCallum (5)
          :59.11                  Alarcon, Georgetown (5)
          :59.70                  Wood, Pineywoods (5)

          :59.91                  Mok, Lebanon Trail (3)
              1:00.30            Ko, Independence (3)
              1:00.35            Carone, Reedy (3)
              1:00.38            Luttrell, Cedar Park (5)


              3:36.18            Montgomery (6)
              3:40.21            El Paso (1)
              3:40.93            Dripping Springs (5)
              3:42.61            Eastwood (1)

              3:42.95            Fulshear (7)
              3:43.19            Andrews (1)
              3:44.05            Pflugerville (5)
              3:44.27            Kingwood Park (6)


              3:14.37            Grapevine (3)
              3:14.68            Frisco (3)
              3:15.28            Memorial (3)
              3:16.77            Pflugerville (5)

              3:17.34            Fredericksburg (7)
              3:17.71            Nacogdoches (5)
              3:18.79            Dripping Springs (5)
              3:19.06            Champion (7)