Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Misc.

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Golden Goggles

Female Athlete OTY:  Katie Ledecky (video)

Male Athlete OTY:  Michael Phelps (video)

Female Race OTY:  Katie Ledecky, Pan Pac 1500 free (video)

Male Race OTY:  Connor Jaeger, Pan Pac 1500 free (video)

Relay OTY:  Pan Pac Women's 800 (video)

Coach OTY:  Bruce Gemmell (video)

Breakout Performer OTY:  Maya DiRado (video)

Perseverance Award:  Haley Anderson & Andrew Gemmell (video)


MAC Open


Dallas Cup

Caney Creek/Willis/Huntsville

Phill Hansel Invite

Frisco ISD Invite

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps vs. Trinity

AAHSSL 11/22 Duals (Block)

AAHSSL Reagan vs. Brandeis & Marshall vs. MacArthur

AAHSSL O'Connor vs. Churshill & Clark vs. Johnson

Art Adamson Invite

Alief ISD Sprint Invite


Killeen ISD Invite


Hang in there, Art Bell fans.  The late night radio superstar plans to return via internet in July 2015.

Will Modern Farmer ever replace Mother Earth News?

Longhorns Swim Camp employment info is here.

For 2015, the Camp is seeking 23-26 individuals who are motivated, team-oriented, energetic, enjoy coaching, learning, and working with young people. This is an exciting opportunity for established and up and coming coaches!  It is highly encouraged to complete and return all paperwork ASAP.

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Quote of the Day

Nature always uses the simplest
means to accomplish its effects.

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Pierre Louis Maupertuis


Monday, November 24, 2014

Quote of the Day

The criterion of truth is that it works even
if nobody is prepared to acknowledge it.

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Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises


Friday, November 21, 2014

Another UIL Alignment Update

UIL updated 5A swim alignment again last week.

Toss out the 10-27-14 update and go with the 11-13-14 version.

6A (8-12-14 version) remains unchanged.

How to Feel Like a World-Beater Beater

Swim a set with shoes.  Feels like crapola, right?

Repeat that set without shoes.  Ya feel like a world-beater, right?

Go through that set one more time with fins.  Yer lookin' & feelin' like a danged world-beater beater!

Brendan Hansen at AASA

(via SAYiWON'T)

Story on USA Swimming site is here.

Hansen’s club, the Austin Swim Club, will eventually share the space, which includes a 50-meter Myrtha pool, a 5,500-plus square-foot indoor training facility, outdoor training spaces and an onsite jogging loop, with local master’s swim and water polo programs once it’s up and running. The facility markets itself as a “one-stop destination for training for the aspiring and elite athlete.”

Two Jobs

VillaSport is still looking for a swim coach.  Info here.

The City of Lancaster needs an aquatic coordinator.  Info here.


Quote of the Day

To understand the workings of American
politics, you have to understand this
fundamental law:  Conservatives
think liberals are stupid.  Liberals
think conservatives are evil.

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Charles Krauthammer


Thursday, November 20, 2014


The Aggies moved into the top spot in this week's CSCAA D-I Women's Swimming poll.  View that hereTexas was 4th and SMU dropped to 22nd.

A&M hosts the Art Adamson Invite this weekend.  Real time results should be here.

Men's and women's D-III poll is here.  Only Texas school getting votes was Trinity (W).


Dallas Mustangs Intrasquad



Klein JV Invite

Kingwood JV Klassic

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In foosball news:  Did you know Houston won the 1952 Salad Bowl?

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The UIL 8-hour rule doesn't mean just eight hours of training per week.  It means eight hours outside the school day (athletic period doesn't count against it) through the close of school Friday (Friday afternoon and Saturday don't count against it).

Serious high school programs that lack a nearby club program to supplement their training can still - legally - get in sixteen hours of training weekly (without going too crazy on Friday afternoon and Saturday), right?

How do college programs stretch their NCAA 20-hour rule without breaking it?  Optional time, of course!  Read NCAA Practice Limits Have Their Loopholes here.

(via ESPN)
Most college sports teams have found ways to legally circumvent the 20-hour rule. Making portions of practices optional seems to be the most common approach, and this is easier in swimming than most sports. In some sports, coaches are not allowed to attend optional practices, but for swimming, there is a safety exemption that allows them to be on the pool deck during optional work.

A few other facets of the NCAA’s rule are that mandatory team meetings count toward the 20 hours, and all competitions count as three hours of practice. In addition, no more than four hours can be required on any one day, and student-athletes must get at least one day off per week.

In our case, the 20 total hours and four-hour maximum per day are both skirted because of optional hours. Thankfully, we do get Sundays completely off.

Yes, high school and college swimming can seem like a part-time job...but a fun one, right?

(via The Keep Calm-O-Matic)

Nope, you've never heard the above from me.  Just can't stand it.  Worked with a couple of guys who used it more than a little.  It's one example of thought-terminating clichés (more here).

Though the clichéd phrase in and of itself may be valid in certain contexts, its application as a means of dismissing dissent or justifying fallacious logic is what makes it thought-terminating.

Watch Minneapolis Grand Prix here.

Real time results should show up here.

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Despair is a narcotic.  It lulls
the mind into indifference.

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Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

THSCA Academic All-State

THSCA Members,

Deadline for submitting your nominees for Academic All-State is January 10, 2015.

Standards for nominees and email address for submissions are here.

Bultman & Kubik on WUG Staff

USA Swimming has announced their 2015 national team coaches for World Champs, Pan Am Games, and World University Games.  View all here.

A&M's Steve Bultman will assist with the WUG women, while UT's Kris Kubik will assist with the men.

HS 2014-15 Officials Rosters

From the UIL swim officials page (here):




Quote of the Day

One thorn of experience is worth
a whole wilderness of warning.

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James Russell Lowell


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Time to Lower Expectations?

Guess I expected too much after posting Opportunity to Save the Males!

Since Wednesday, hundreds have seen the post and not a single person has been interested enough to respond with contact info.

I may have this "Save the Males" thing all wrong.  Maybe they don't want or need to be saved.  Young men might be just fine with fewer opportunities in college swimming.

Think I'll dismount, give Rocinante a break, and leave them windmills alone for a while...

In other news:

If your USAS coaching credentials are up for renewal and you need info on safety requirements for the 2015 year, info is here.

WADA's revised doping code will take effect January 1, 2015.  The banned substances list:

WADA 2015 Prohibited List

Here's a groovy little item, the cubic rubber band:

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SMU vs. TCU (M)

Dragon Invite

The Woodlands vs. Collins

Conroe/Oak Ridge/Dulles




O'Connor/Brandeis/Health Careers/Holmes

AAHSSL "D" Division Dual #2

McKinney North/Liberty/Heritage

CSCAA Polls:



Save College of Charleston Swim/Dive video:

Minneapolis Grand Prix Psych Sheet

West University Recreation Specialist - Aquatics

USA Swimming feature on Laura Sogar is here.

“I’m looking at a lot of schools right now, some close to me and some not so close; I’ve got time to decide,” said Sogar, who intends to pursue her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). “I’m very happy with life right now, especially being back on the road to being healthy, and I’m really excited about what’s still to come – in and outside of swimming.”

Will likely encounter rattlers, black bears, and a bazillion skeeters on the AT.  Might even run into a Bigfoot.  State by State sightings list here.

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USAS feature on NITRO Swimming is here.

3. We build from the bottom up. We have great lesson programs at our pools, and our conduit programs connect to our swim team. Intro to Nitro is the first step of being on the swim team, then we have Technique and Fitness, which is more about learning strokes and staying in shape. Those help us build within the infrastructure of our own team and work up the pyramid.

Sir Charles weighs in on Derrick Rose:

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If you expect nothing from anybody,
you're never disappointed.

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Sylvia Plath


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Opportunity to Save the Males!

Was contacted today by television producer who wants to hear from high school boys (15-17) who have experienced loss of college swim opportunities due to Title IX (mainly proportionality).

Parents and coaches, please get me contact info for young men who are swimming in high school and have discovered:

a) the school of their choice has a women-only swim program,
b) little/no financial assistance is available because they're males,
c) roster caps mean they can't even swim as a "walk on", and/or
d) any other reverse discrimination issues.

Producer would like to talk with kids by phone first (by the end of next week), then set up on-camera interviews.

I'm more than happy to be the go-between for this effort.  Email me contact info and I'll pass it along.

This is a great opportunity to tell a side of the story that's often missed in the media.

We know our sport is the most gender-equitable one out there, yet our young men pay a heavy price because other sports aren't nearly as "fair" as ours.

Wildcats End Drought!

Okay, it's not a Texas story (New York, actually), but bear with me (there's Texas news later).

In 1977, our sectional meet didn't come down to the last relay.  Our Marcus Whitman Wildcats' boys team came close to our first swimming team championship, but even our upset win in the 400 free relay wasn't enough to put us over the top.  As they say:  Close, but no cigar.

While up in Rushville last month for the Hall of Fame ceremony, there was talk that "This year could be the year."  Our girls' team was having a very good season and had a shot at a sectional title.

Last weekend, the Whitman girls won our school's first-ever sectional championship in a meet that came down to a must-win 400 free relay.  Full story here.

Marcus Whitman rallied in the last race to come away with the Class C team championship. The 400 free relay team of Hailey Rossi, Amelia Stash, Natalie Johnson and Courtney Copper won to give Whitman 303 points, edging out the host Rams by two points and third place Dansville by five.

It was the first sectional title for Marcus Whitman in program history.

“I’m so proud of all of my girls. They have inspired each other to be their best, which in turn made the team the best,” Marcus Whitman coach Marcy Adams said. “The competition at this meet was unbelievably strong, and I’m so grateful that we were able  to be part of it.

“Our team stayed very strong and worked off one another’s energy. They truly showed what teamwork and hard work can do.”

Note about the girls' picture:

When you win an event at sectionals, they give you your letter jacket patch on the spot.  Blue shield for individual events, white shield for relays.  Still have mine floating around here somewhere.  Might be a cool idea for UIL/TISCA to explore, right?

Way to go, Cats!

Now for the Texas news.  A new TISCA president's letter is here.  In summary:

1.  Spring '15 superintendent survey is next step in "24 to State" movement.
2.  A 3rd division might become a reality if/when 4A numbers increase.
3.  UIL wants polo but the L.C. doesn't.  It's up to TISCA to change that.

A few high school and club results:

Bob Stallings Aggieland Invite

Victoria ISD Invite


Cathedral/Loretto Invite

PEAK Senior


CCAA Turkey Trot

Rockwall Invite

Red River Shootout

Georgetown/East View/Midway

Plano vs. Plano West

Broncos JV Sprint Pentathlon

Weslaco Invite

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If there is a single power the
West underestimates, it is the
power of collective hatred.

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Ralph Peters


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Only Three Months to Go

(via Trail Journals)

For any of y'all who might be interested, I'm starting to post on my AT thru-hike here.

Over the course of the next three (3) months, I'll be spending less of my spare time posting on this swim site and more of that time prepping for the big adventure.


Voters Approve New United ISD Natatorium

The new facility in Laredo will be built at the UISD Sports Complex, adjacent to Texas A&M International.  Details here.

Quote of the Day

In war the only sure defense is offense, and
the efficiency of the offense depends on
the warlike souls of those conducting it.

General George Smith Patton III


Monday, November 10, 2014

NCAA Punishing Nanooks Women

(via UAF)

Several Alaska-Fairbanks sports, including women's swimming, have been penalized by the NCAA.

Authorities discovered that five (5) women swimmers competed while ineligible.

Read the story here.  Full infractions decision is here.

Penalties include three years of probation; a 2014-15 postseason ban for men’s and women’s basketball, men’s ice hockey and women’s swimming; scholarship reductions; a $30,000 fine; the men’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s basketball must vacate all wins in which ineligible student-athletes participated; and the women’s skiing and women’s swimming teams must vacate points scored during competitions by ineligible student-athletes.

This means no 2015 PCSC Championships or NCAA's for the ladies.  Their season will end with their home meet against Loyola Marymount in January.

Women's swimming will also be hit by a scholarship reduction.

Quote of the Day

I should be sorry if I only entertained
them, I wish to make them better.

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Georg Friedrich Händel


Sunday, November 09, 2014

Another Round of Results (Updated...Again)


TXLA 10 & Under

Del Norte #2

Texas Ford L-2, D-2

EPAP Monster

NTN L-2, D-1

ATAC L-2, D-3

AAAA Nadadores B+

AQTX Tuesday Night Races


A&M vs. Texas (W)

Iowa State vs. Texas Christian (W)

Henderson State Invite (M&W, Day 1)

Henderson State Invite (M&W, Day 2)

A&M vs. Indian River (M)

Trinity vs. Incarnate Word (M&W)

High School

Oak Ridge Intrasquad

College Park/Caney Creek/Conroe

LCISD Private School Invite

Angleton Sprintathlon

The Woodlands Intrasquad

Tomball Fall Kickoff


College Park Intrasquad

LCISD 5A Invite

Tomball Halloween Invite

AAHSSL "C" Division Dual #2

Ranger Relay Invite

AAHSSL Distance Invite

Open Water

Snapping Tortuga 500

Snapping Tortuga 2.5k

Snapping Tortuga 5k

Nitro's Taylor Abbott won his age group and was 2nd overall behind Olympian Alex Meyer at the Barbados Open Water Festival on November 2nd:

It was a historic moment for open water swimming in Barbados as two world champions swam to a 1-2 finish in the Mens 5km race. Alex Meyer of the US was first ahead of fellow American, Taylor Abbott. Lindsay Vrooman was first in the Ladies 5km.


Quote of the Day

Inaction will cause a man to sink
into the slough of despond and
vanish without a trace.

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Farley McGill Mowat


Saturday, November 08, 2014

Two Jobs

Thousand Oaks Family YMCA needs a swim coach

The City of Edinburg needs an aquatics supervisor


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Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready
to have someone click the shutter.

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Friday, November 07, 2014

Business Card

Quote of the Day

The world's big and I want to have
a good look at it before it gets dark.

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Women's D-I Poll

Latest from CSCAA is here.

Strong showings on their west coast trip helped Texas debut at #2.  They take on the #9 Aggies in Austin tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.  SMU may have to adjust their Twitter handle, as they dropped from #11 to sixteenth in the poll.


Where to start?

Guess we'll just get right to the point:

College Park HS assistant coach David James recently lost his son, Peyton, to suicide.  Full article here.

“There are people out there that love you, and whose lives would be torn apart without you,” said James, a resident of Jacob’s Reserve. “Talk to a friend, a teacher, a counselor, an assistant principal. Get help. Don’t give in to those thoughts.”

What if y'all said/did something nice for a kid today (and tomorrow, and the next day...) that might be struggling?  It might mean the world to him/her, right?  Don't wait for someone else - just do it!

In memory of Peyton, The Woodlands College Park High School Swim Team will be collecting travel-size toiletries this month and through December to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, where James and his wife stayed while Peyton was in the hospital.

Conroe ISD is hosting a TISCA meet that falls within the window of the drive.

Wouldn't it be great if teams attending that November 21-22 meet brought their contributions that weekend?

Spread the word, folks!

Quote of the Day

The first thing I remember about the
world - and I pray that it may be the
last - is that I was a stranger in it.

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Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge


Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Aggie Swim Club needs an assistant.  Info here.


City of Allen

The City of Allen needs an aquatic program supervisor.  Info here.


Quote of the Day

There is absolutely nothing that can
be taken for granted in this world.

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Robert Anton Wilson


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

El Paso Loses Swim Icon

(via El Paso Parks & Rec)

William Cowan passed away last weekend.  More here.

Cowan brought national fame to the El Paso Parks and Recreation Aquatics Department and the city when he and Gail Vokes created Gus and Goldie in 1980 at Lincoln Center.

Quote of the Day

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts
the person in an endless effort to satisfy
the need without ever reaching satisfaction.

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Erich Seligmann Fromm


Monday, November 03, 2014

Dear Kitten

Posting Issues

Encountering a few glitches this a.m.  Sorry about that.

Results post below has been updated, so might want to look back to see if you missed something.

Comment says Texas Technique Clinic is full.  Should we trust Lyin' King?

October Most-Viewed

Quote of the Day

Propaganda is the executive arm
of the invisible government.

Edward Louis Bernays


Saturday, November 01, 2014

Texas Technique Clinic

Scheduled for Sunday, November 23rd.  If you're planning to attend, you'd best hustle.  This one-day event sold out last year.

Clinic Form

Online Clinic Info

Results Update

Quote of the Day

To some extent we are all the prisoners of
stereotypes;  we see each other in terms
of distorted and oversimplified images.

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Chester Bliss Bowles


Friday, October 31, 2014


In the wake of last weekend's tragedy, Lakeside Aquatic Club has posted openings here and here.


Robert Tapscott Aquatic Center

Houston's Julia C. Hester House just opened their new Wellness Center.  Story here.

The facilities were named after Dutton (Harold V. Dutton Jr. Recreation Center) and Robert Tapscott (Robert Tapscott Aquatic Center). Tapscott served as athletic director, swimming coach and music teacher at Hester House. Both Lee and Dutton spoke fondly of him.

Dutton has a rich history with Hester House, having grown up at the facility. He worked as a janitor there and later served as executive director.

Reflecting on the old Hester House swimming pool, Dutton said, “We didn’t have a swimming pool, we had a mosquito pond. We used it three months and they had it the rest of the year.” Because of his concern, Dutton rallied the support of architect Willie Jordan and Lee to help change conditions at Hester House.

“We gave Hester House back to the Fifth Ward community. Hester House is not a place for landing, it is a place for launching – launching dreams,” he said.

The old Hester House pool had its issues.  From the Houston Chronicle in 1958 (The Swimming Pool Went Swimming):

Read that story here.

Quote of the Day

Do not try to make the brilliant
pupil a replica of yourself.

(via Living Legacies)

Gilbert Arthur Highet


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Team USA Rosters


Irving needs a head coach for their USA Swimming club and their masters group.  Info here.


Men's NCAA D-I Poll

View the first men's poll of the season at Swimming World here.

Only Texas team in top 25 is 2nd ranked UTSMU hasn't competed yet.


New Life for North Lake College Natatorium?

(via Irving ISD Swimming)

It looks like the City of Irving and the Irving ISD will work with North Lake College to keep their facility open.  More here.

According to Weaver, on January 1, 2015 (also pending Board approval), NLC is transitioning management and operations of the Natatorium to the City of Irving. This means that the City will assume all costs for management and operations of the facility, and that the Irving ISD will be a subtenant. The Irving ISD is subject to the same rules and regulations as the City.

“The Irving ISD will be a subtenant of the facility. Pending Board approval in December, effective January 1, 2015, there will be a one-year stop-gap lease with the City in order to give the City and the ISD time to secure formal funding and develop schematic designs for the Natatorium’s renovation,” said Weaver.

The IISD offers swimming lessons and aquatics sports. The district frequently busses school students in to use the pool in the mornings for children to learn and perfect their swimming techniques. Students also compete in swimming events held in the natatorium.

“The pool will always be available to the seniors and will not be shut down in 2020 as another newspaper source has reported,” said NLC President Christa Slejko.

(via Irving ISD)

Great news for everyone's favorite swim announcer, Sam Kendricks.  His mom was instrumental in getting that facility built for area kids back in the 80's.  Sam took time out from his busy work schedule to visit Irving last year, pushing to save the aquatics programs there.