Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thanks for the heads up, DJA!

Whether the Games go well or not...the folks at the top still get paid:

Click on pic for huge-ificationmenting:

via The Washington Post

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The accomplice to the crime of corruption
is frequently our own indifference.

Bess Myerson

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Doping Rant

via Daily Mail

Do y'all think doping in our sport only changes the outcomes at meets?  Think again!

There's a "trickle down" effect to doping.

Imagine how many clean swimmers fall just short of "A" or "B" cuts for the Olympic Games or NCAA's.

Remember, those cuts are determined by performances and some of those performances were drug-enhanced.

Dopers don't just take away podium opportunities from clean athletes - they take away competition opportunities!

via Daily Telegraph

Also, it's been shown that cheaters benefit from their doping even after they're caught, serve suspensions, and return to the sport as "clean" athletes.

They compete and take away competition and podium spots from the kids who were always clean.

We need to:
  • Kick out dopers for life,
  • Delete tainted records,
  • Strip medals from dopers,
  • Award those medals to clean athletes, and
  • Shame other sports into doing the same!
 Swimming can't do it alone.  We need all sports to clean up their acts.
via Richest Celebrities

When Johnny Homer fails his PED test, what if his team had to forfeit all games he appeared in that season?

Penalizing a team for one jerk's personal failings sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it.  Wouldn't it work, though?

You can bet it would clean up MLB in a big hurry.  Ball clubs would do plenty of in-house testing and get rid of dirty players on their own, knowing missing out on playoff spots would cost them millions in revenue.

If only owners would get serious.  Stop with the slap on the wrist for a first offense.  Go straight to lifetime bans and forfeited games.  If folks want to see more home runs, use a livelier ball and/or shorten up outfield wall dimensions.

Anyone out there still watch le Tour?  Rampant doping in cycling has turned their sport into a joke.

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Swimming needs to be better - much, much better...

Eight More Jobs

Sienna Plantation Aquatics (SPA) needs a head coach

Chisholm Trail HS (Ft. Worth) needs a head coach

T. Boone Pickens YMCA (Dallas) needs a sports & aquatics director

Canyon Lake HS needs a head coach.  Contact Charles Drum at 830-885-1744

Energy Core Swimming (ECS) needs a head age group coach

Cypress Ranch HS needs a head coach

St. Pius X HS (Houston) needs a head coach.  Contact Jason Kimball

The City of Amarillo needs an aquatics supervisor

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It is not enough to be industrious;  so are
the ants.  What are you industrious about?

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Henry David Thoreau

Friday, July 29, 2016

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I have forced myself to contradict myself in
order to avoid conforming to my own tastes.

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Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp

Thursday, July 28, 2016

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We don't complain when women
dominate subjects like nursing.
We shouldn't complain when men
dominate subjects like physics.

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Milo Yiannopoulos

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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A consensus means that everyone agrees to say
collectively what no one believes individually.

Abba Solomon Meir Eban

Monday, July 25, 2016

Callin' All HS Coaches!

Have some returning senior brainiacs?

It doesn't matter if they're "sub-twenny in the fitty free" or "watch battery runs out in the five hunnert free" - they can still be ACADEMIC All-Americans.

If you want to get your kids recognized as such, you need to join NISCA.  Print a paper application here

In addition to making your athletes eligible for Academic A-A recognition, you'll also get a million bucks in liability insurance, along with six (6) issues of the NISCA Journal.

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I refuse to leave our children with a debt
that they cannot repay, and that means
taking responsibility right now, in this
administration, for getting our
spending under control.

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Barack Hussein Obama

Saturday, July 23, 2016


via USC News

USC head coach Dr. Dave Salo will speak at the September TISCA clinic.

Also presenting will be The Woodlands HS head coach Kent Kirchner and Olympic platform champion Laura Wilkinson.

Vote for the Fitter & Faster Tour 2016 Age Group COTY here

Register for the ASCA Regional Coaches Clinic in Midland here

The Coppell Family YMCA needs an aquatics director

John Paul II HS (Plano) needs a swim coach.  Contact Kent Turner at 972-867-0005

The West Orem Family YMCA (Houston) needs a youth development director - sports & aquatics

Energy Core Swimming (ECS) needs an assistant coach

From 1958:

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Leave this world a little
better than you found it.

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Robert Baden-Powell

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The City of Pearland needs an aquatics specialist

City of Plano (COPS) needs assistant coaches

HS Info

TISCA clinic dates are September 15-18.  Site lists no further info.

5A & 6A region sites and directors are listed on UIL's site here

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I grew up in Dallas, Texas, drinking
sodium fluoridated water.  All the
scientific studies show my IQ has
been reduced by at least 20 points.

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Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Polo Assault

We all know "polo" and "assault" go together, right?  The game's all about what you can get away with when an official isn't looking.

Unfortunately, this story's about more than just yer average suit-pullin', nut-kickin', elbow-in-the-teeth water polo match.  Read more here and here

Dabrowski, now a student at Monmouth College, said she let out a yelp but continued playing, though she then fouled the player in question and served a time out. Footage said to be from the match appears to show Dabrowski later crying at the edge of the pool, and she said she reported to a female coach that "he touched me."

"I was angry because I couldn't think anyone could do that," Dabrowski said on the show. "He has a mom. He probably has a sister. ... How could he even try to do something like that?"

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If you fall in love with someone gay
and you're the opposite gender,
it's not going to work.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

More Jobs

St. Michael's Catholic Academy (Austin) needs a swim coach

Stratford HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Mike Hoskovec

The City of McKinney needs an aquatics supervisor

Kris Kubik Retiring

Pretty shocking stuff.  Read the Texas Sports release here

"Our program is in a very good spot," Kubik continued.  "Eddie continues to amaze me with his ability to keep things fresh and new, and the team we have returning might be up there as one of the best teams we've ever had, in terms of personalities, in terms of caring about one another and in terms of continuing on the tradition that was established well before we got here.  Whoever replaces me will inherit a fantastic group of students who are exceptional athletes, and, more importantly, are exceptional people."

Cannot put into words how much Kris Kubik has meant to all Longhorn swimmers and, in particular, to our very own Bobby Button.

Pics from 2014 swim banquet:

Question on mind of every UT guy entering senior year:

Who will take over as UT Swim Banquet Master of Ceremonies?

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Don't fear the terrorists.
They're mothers and fathers.

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Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell

Saturday, July 16, 2016

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I was amazed that what I needed to survive
could be carried on my back.  And, most
surprising of all, that I could carry it.

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Cheryl Strayed

Friday, July 15, 2016

Quote of the Day

It's one thing to have talent.  It's
another to figure out how to use it.

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Roger Dean Miller, Sr.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Last Gold & Making Waves Interviews

Surviving members of the relay featured in The Last Gold:

Shirley Babashoff's co-author Chris Epting talked with Peter Anthony Holder (9:30 through 22:30).

Short AP piece with Shirley at '16 Trials:

Junior Pan Pac Roster

Several Texans on the squad, along with coaches Terry Jones (MAC) & Jason Walter (LAC):


UNT needs an assistant coach.  Does this mean they're removing the "interim" from Brittany Roth's title?

The YMCA of Greater Houston needs a youth development director-aquatics

Azle HS needs a head coach.  Contact Scott Anderson at 817-270-1725

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Truth's like a dollar-piece, it's got two sides,
and both are wanted to make it good currency.

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John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making Waves:

My Journey to Winning Olympic Gold and
Defeating the East German Doping Program

is Shirley Babashoff's new book.

Most in the swimming community know - at least we think we know - Shirley's story.  We know she's that kid from California who got cheated out of medals/records in Montreal back in 1976, right?

Babashoff, along with Chris Epting, gives us, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

Shirley's been on a real roller coaster ride.  Without giving away too much from the book, let's just say she had a very, very tough childhood.

Babashoff was a regular in Swimming World magazine as a teenager.  We all read about the training under Mark Schubert at Mission Viejo.  Remember hearing about those Animal Lane workouts with guys like Brian Goodell?

The '72 Munich Games had been highlighted by Mark Spitz's seven golds.  Both our men's and women's teams had performed very well.

via NBC Sports

Shirley teamed with Jane Barkman, Jenny Kemp, and Sandy Neilson* to win the  400 free relay with a world record of 3:55.19, shaving three seconds off their previous best.

Over the next few years, Shirley went on a record-breaking spree, shattering World and American records.  Her performances at national championships and the '76 Trials were outstanding.

Expectations were very high for Shirley & the rest of our swimmers in the '76 Montreal Games.

Leading up to those games, the media was all over Shirley.  A young Skip Bayless got his feelings hurt when he actually had to work (and wait) for a chance to interview Babashoff.

It was Skip who got the whole "Surly Shirley" thing going.

Since the '72 Olympics, some writers have found shy little Shirley to be big surly Shirley.  As records fell in her wake, she seemed more and more aloof.  Her smile, always Mona Lisa crooked, appeared to be a scowl.  Her laugh, before quick and warm, seemed rusty.

Her obsession for supremacy had curtailed her bike-riding, softball- and volleyball-playing and body surfing.  All work and no play made Shirley a very cranky girl.

What a first-class jerk!  Take it back, Skippy!!

Click to enlarge the pic below and read the entire article.

For the Spitz-less US men, it turned out to be one of the most dominating performances in Olympic swimming history.  Unfortunately, a doped women's squad from East Germany stole what would have been a gold rush for our gals.

DDR got the gold, USA got the shaft.

"Official" results for those games are here

Read more about East Germany's State Plan 14.25 here

The highlight for our women's team in '76 was the 400 free relay.

Up against the heavily favored DDR men women, they came out on top, taking back their world record in the process.

via The News Tribune

Kim Peyton, Wendy Boglioli, Jill Sterkel**, and Babashoff took The Last Gold in 3:44.82, more than ten (10) seconds faster than the record set in Munich.

Shirley's Olympic medal count (combined '72 & '76):

Gold = 2
Silver = 6
Bronze = 0

If When the IOC corrects Montreal results, the medal count becomes:

Gold = 6
Silver = 2
Bronze = 1

Maybe this new movie will get those outside the swimming community on board with the movement to correct the record:

Upcoming Texas showings of The Last Gold:

Tonight - AMC Loews Spring 10***

Thursday - Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline***

August 25 - Aggieland Premiere Cinema 16

October 6 - AMC Gulf Pointe 30

October 6 - AMC Stonebriar 24 & IMAX

Want to host a screening in your community?  Click here

Now, back to Making Waves.  Get your copy (eBook or Hardcover) at amazon

via Swimming World

Shirley's is a story that's not just for the competitive swimming community.  It's a story y'all should share with your "non-swimming" friends.

Yes, even those divers and water polo players!

Tell them it includes Shirley's account of a creepy one-on-one meeting with OJ Simpson, if that's what it takes to get them interested.

You won't be lyin'!

*We know her now as Austin's Sandy Neilson-Bell.  She and husband Dr. Keith Bell put on numerous open water events and raise big bucks for local causes.

**Yes, the same Jill Sterkel who swam and coached at UT and is still with the Longhorn athletic department.

***Sold Out!

Quote of the Day

It's hard for me to reach over and shake
the hand of someone standing there who
just cheated me out of a gold medal.

Shirley Frances Babashoff

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lost Creek Aquatics

Here's more info on the Lost Creek Aquatics jobs:

Austin Texas (
locations in Lake Travis, Cedar Park, Westlake, and Steiner Ranch)

Part-time assistant swim coaches and strength & conditioning coaches needed

Positions will be open until filled. We will begin interviewing candidates July 11.

Lost Creek Aquatics (, the third largest club in South Texas Swimming, has just expanded into a fourth location and is seeking assistant swim coaches to work with all age groups at each of our locations, and coaches to conduct dryland sessions for all age groups. LCA is currently building a state-of-the art facility in the Westlake area, which will generate additional opportunities for coaches to work with swim lessons, masters programs, triathlete training, water polo, diving, and other aquatics programming. Our program has swimmers of all ages and abilities—from summer league rookies to Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Current USA Swimming coach credentials or the ability to become certified within two weeks of hire
  • One to two year’s minimum competitive coaching experience with a USA Swimming member club
  • Competitive swimming experience as an athlete is preferred
  • Experience working with Team Unify is preferred
  • Ability to travel to swim meets
  • Passion for the sport and for working with swimmers of all ages and abilities
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Professional appearance and positive attitude
Hours are afternoons, Monday through Friday, during the academic year, plus Saturday mornings. Most positions are 20-25 hours per week. 

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

If interested, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your coaching experience and swimming background to

Tyler ISD Update

via Tyler Morning Telegraph

A pair of new pools are being built in Tyler.  Above is a shot of what will be the TISD outdoor long course facility.  Read more here

The Tyler school and club swimming community have hoped for years to have a pool in the Rose City capable of hosting swim meets.

With Tyler ISD and Tyler Swim Academy opting to build separate projects, Tyler soon will have two pools that fit that bill.

Tyler ISD’s $3.9 million Olympic-sized (25 yards by 50 meters) outdoor aquatics center is nearing completion, located next to the Career and Technology Center on Earl Campbell Boulevard, and it's scheduled to open in mid- to late August.

Tyler Swim Academy, which is partnered with Metroplex Aquatics of Dallas, also expects to complete construction in the fall of its own 15,000-square-foot enclosed indoor swimming facility (25 yards by 25 meter pool) at a cost of $750,000, located on the corner of Bascom Road and Spur 248.

The two groups both had been using the district's aging swim facility, but the district's decision to build a new pool and form its own swim club meant Tyler Swim Academy and other non-TISD groups needed to find a new pool.