Monday, July 18, 2016

Kris Kubik Retiring

Pretty shocking stuff.  Read the Texas Sports release here

"Our program is in a very good spot," Kubik continued.  "Eddie continues to amaze me with his ability to keep things fresh and new, and the team we have returning might be up there as one of the best teams we've ever had, in terms of personalities, in terms of caring about one another and in terms of continuing on the tradition that was established well before we got here.  Whoever replaces me will inherit a fantastic group of students who are exceptional athletes, and, more importantly, are exceptional people."

Cannot put into words how much Kris Kubik has meant to all Longhorn swimmers and, in particular, to our very own Bobby Button.

Pics from 2014 swim banquet:

Question on mind of every UT guy entering senior year:

Who will take over as UT Swim Banquet Master of Ceremonies?

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completelyconquered said...

I'm extremely curious to find out what Eddie is going to do now. Will he hire another coach as his assistant and his eventual replacement?