Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Polo Assault

We all know "polo" and "assault" go together, right?  The game's all about what you can get away with when an official isn't looking.

Unfortunately, this story's about more than just yer average suit-pullin', nut-kickin', elbow-in-the-teeth water polo match.  Read more here and here

Dabrowski, now a student at Monmouth College, said she let out a yelp but continued playing, though she then fouled the player in question and served a time out. Footage said to be from the match appears to show Dabrowski later crying at the edge of the pool, and she said she reported to a female coach that "he touched me."

"I was angry because I couldn't think anyone could do that," Dabrowski said on the show. "He has a mom. He probably has a sister. ... How could he even try to do something like that?"

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