Saturday, July 30, 2016

Doping Rant

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Do y'all think doping in our sport only changes the outcomes at meets?  Think again!

There's a "trickle down" effect to doping.

Imagine how many clean swimmers fall just short of "A" or "B" cuts for the Olympic Games or NCAA's.

Remember, those cuts are determined by performances and some of those performances were drug-enhanced.

Dopers don't just take away podium opportunities from clean athletes - they take away competition opportunities!

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Also, it's been shown that cheaters benefit from their doping even after they're caught, serve suspensions, and return to the sport as "clean" athletes.

They compete and take away competition and podium spots from the kids who were always clean.

We need to:
  • Kick out dopers for life,
  • Delete tainted records,
  • Strip medals from dopers,
  • Award those medals to clean athletes, and
  • Shame other sports into doing the same!
 Swimming can't do it alone.  We need all sports to clean up their acts.
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When Johnny Homer fails his PED test, what if his team had to forfeit all games he appeared in that season?

Penalizing a team for one jerk's personal failings sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it.  Wouldn't it work, though?

You can bet it would clean up MLB in a big hurry.  Ball clubs would do plenty of in-house testing and get rid of dirty players on their own, knowing missing out on playoff spots would cost them millions in revenue.

If only owners would get serious.  Stop with the slap on the wrist for a first offense.  Go straight to lifetime bans and forfeited games.  If folks want to see more home runs, use a livelier ball and/or shorten up outfield wall dimensions.

Anyone out there still watch le Tour?  Rampant doping in cycling has turned their sport into a joke.

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Swimming needs to be better - much, much better...


Kevin Murphy said...

Ever wonder why so many top swimmers from the 2012 Olympics failed to swim well in their respective Olympic trials this year and failed to swim their best times or make their respective Olympic Teams? Some of them were still in their 20's and still in their physical prime this year. Surely it was not that they did not take their Trials seriously, werre nervous and inexperienced, or that their coaches missed their taper....maybe the testing has improved since prior to the 2012 Olympics, and the testing protocols have accelerated, and some prior Olympians are now clean that were not clean four years ago? Just Charlie Francis's book about Ben Johnson, from way back in the early 90's. Maybe the mouse trap is finally catching up to the mouse and the testing protocols are at least trimming down those that cheat or forcing the cheaters to go clean to avoid the risk of getting caught.

Anonymous said...

Speed Trap, by Charlie Francis, 1991