Monday, February 18, 2013

Really? Word for ding-dang-diddly word?

Those hard-working journalists at SwimSwam have outdone themselves this time:

Virginia Finishes Action at Cavalier Invite

Virginia Swimmers Finish Action at Cavalier Invite

Hurry up and take a screen shot, fans.  Once they read this they'll go back and fix it...


wallysworld said...

Wow Button, you're really starting to lose my respect here...I assume you'll give the same treatment to your friends at Swimming World?

Button said...


i told you not to read my site anymore.

you're obviously a buddy of braden's (or maybe you are braden).

the big difference between what swimswam does and what swimming world does is this little thing at the end of the article you referenced:

The above article is a press release submitted to Swimming World Magazine. It has been posted in its entirety without editing. Swimming World offers all outlets the chance to reach our audience by contacting us at However, Swimming World reserves the right to choose what material is posted.

get it now?

p.s. you're still not allowed to read my site.

p.p.s. you're still uninvited to my birthday party.

p.p.p.s. you've now posted a comment that puts you in the running for dumbass of the year.

Lion King said...

Well, GoldMedalMel has his name on it, so is he the one who should get the b-slap?

And Wally? Come ON, dude. Copyrights, licensing, all that legally stuff should be pretty obvious.

Calling a shovel a shovel.

Anonymous said...

They credited the photo. Isn't that enough?

Button said...

'They credited the photo. Isn't that enough?'

funny! since tim binning works with them, they didn't have to...

@WIDEtotheNER said...

wallysworld, I understand if you don't mind swimswam's methods, but are you at least willing to call it what it is? It seems obvious to me that this is the textbook definition of plagiarism, no?

Deer Slayer said...

I've got to agree with Button, the illustrious Lion King and of course WidetotheNer, plagiarism just means your too lazy to actually think or have an opinion, easier to copy.

@WIDEtotheNER said...

and as easy as it is to copy/paste, it's equally as easy to credit your source, imo. Have we learned nothing from the 'share' button on FB?