Sunday, February 10, 2013

5A 200 Free

Girls 200 Free Unofficial

Reed/Austin 1:49.03
Fant/Atascocita 1:49.73
Domeier/Klein 1:50.37
Franklin/Westlake 1:50.63
Boyles/Collins 1:50.87
Bates/Madison 1:50.93
Huston/Katy Taylor 1:51.53
Straight/Keller Central 1:51.64

Boys 200 Free Unofficial

Loria/Mansfield 1:38.89
Erdmann/Katy Taylor 1:39.48
Jaime/Clark 1:40.50
Dewlen/College Park 1:41.00
Mayberry/College Park 1:41.73
Butler/Heath 1:42.12
Dobbs/Carroll 1:42.30
Morejon/Kingwood 1:42.74


Anonymous said...

Dobbs/Soca not Dobbs Carroll (different schools)

Anonymous said...

There was a tie with one of the regions, I believe region 4 there was a guy who went 1:42.12 too

Button said...

no 14212's in region 4.

anyone else?

if you spot it, let me know.

Anonymous said...

There was no 1:42.12 in 4.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there was because on deck pass the results are all screwed up! And he has the real results

Anonymous said...

Lane is from Austin in Austin not fort bend.

Anonymous said...

No soca and carroll are the same schools. SOuthlake CArroll.