Saturday, February 09, 2013

Results Needed for Unofficial Call-Up List

Don't expect someone else in your region to send results...they might not get around to it.

Remember, we need complete results.  Ties are broken based on prelim times, so we need those results to be included.

One region had a tie 8th place in a prelim swim yesterday.  That tie must have been broken using a swim-off, but I've not seen that info.

Please email complete results to me here.

Once they begin coming in, I'll post on which regions we have and which we still need.

Once an unofficial list is ready, I'll post it and ask y'all to provide feedback ASAP.

If there are errors/omissions, we'll get those corrected right away.

Thanks in advance for all your help on this project!


Anonymous said...

Actually that 8th place tie was resolved by the time from districts.

Button said...

really? why didn't they swim it off? i must have missed that rule.

Anonymous said...

If it was region 3-4a, there was a swimoff in 100 breast

Anonymous said...

Region 2-5a had a tie for 8th in prelims in the 400 freelay. The time from districts was used to decide who swam in prelims and who swam in finals.

Anonymous said...

Region 8-4a had a swim off yesterday. I think it was in breast. Then today there was a tie for first in 8-4a finals. I think in that case, they reduce the number of call ups.