Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quote of the Day

It is dangerous for a national candidate to
say things that people might remember.

Eugene Joseph "Gene" McCarthy


Lion King said...

It's unfortunate, but hardly surprising, that after listening to obama blasting republicans and congress for the sequestration cuts in Tuesday's SOTU speech (surrounded by fawning back-slappers and glad-handers, like some Ukrainian circus congress), no one will stand up to him and remind him that it was his own guy, JACK LEW, who crafted the bill in the first place, and OBAMA is the president-in-charge who SIGNED it into law. Where were his concerns then, huh? Just bowing to leverage so he could get his debt ceiling raised? maybe. such a fraud. Thought he just bowed to foreign despots and dictators.

Deer Slayer said...

He needs to read his old speeches and try to remember what he said. Bush was unAmerican for raising the National Debt. Yet even in the year it went up the most under Bush, his smallest raise doubled Bush's. Ombama has set two new records as Pres. #1 the most rounds of golf in a year by a President. He set this his first year. #2 The first ever trillion dollar debt. Like a true competitor, he broke both records ever year he has been in office. goals are important.

Button said...

didn't think it could get worse, but it has. both parties are to blame for taking us to the precipice, and obama is more than happy to take us over the edge. our three branches of government are failing us:

congress can't pass any budget, let alone a balanced & sensible one.

supremes don't seem to know what the constitution says.

president continues to push a socialist agenda that failed in the soviet union. what in the world makes him and his supporters think they can make it work here?