Sunday, February 10, 2013

Consolidated 5A Individual Call-Ups

Girls 200 Free Unofficial

Reed/Austin 1:49.03
Fant/Atascocita 1:49.73
Domeier/Klein 1:50.37
Franklin/Westlake 1:50.63
Boyles/Collins 1:50.87
Bates/Madison 1:50.93
Huston/Katy Taylor 1:51.53
Straight/Keller Central 1:51.64

Boys 200 Free Unofficial

Loria/Mansfield 1:38.89
Erdmann/Katy Taylor 1:39.48
Jaime/Clark 1:40.50
Dewlen/College Park 1:41.00
Mayberry/College Park 1:41.73
Butler/Heath 1:42.12
Dobbs/Carroll 1:42.30
Morejon/Kingwood 1:42.74

Girls 200 IM Unofficial

Straight/Keller Central 2:03.36
Duran/Reagan 2:05.78
Hazle/Kingwood 2:05.99
Pacilio/Heritage 2:06.17
Saunders/Katy Taylor 2:06.75
Hall/Carroll 2:07.49
Ritter/Bellaire 2:07.59
Sutton/Cinco Ranch 2:08.33

Boys 200 IM Unofficial

Remetta/Carroll 1:51.75
Nguyenphu/Carroll 1:52.42
Thomas/Westlake 1:52.60
Tybur/College Park 1:53.07
Hur/Anderson 1:53.10
Mossop/Katy Taylor 1:53.18
Yao/Morton Ranch 1:54.26
Sellers/Flower Mound 1:54.43

Girls 50 Free Unofficial

Strickland/Churchill :23.58
Lupton/Kingwood :23.63
Thompson/Mansfield :23.76
Carson/Cinco Ranch :23.99
Wheeler/Atascocita :23.99
Whitaker/Flower Mound :24.04
Schultz/Carroll :24.12
Morrow/Cinco Ranch :24.17

Boys 50 Free Unofficial

Oldham/Bowie :21.14
Slaughter/Klein :21.14
Mankus/Keller :21.27
Nogueira Ribeiro/Cypress Ranch :21.28
Steele/Seven Lakes :21.28
Magruder/Carroll :21.31
Lyons/Lamar :21.32
McCaslin/Mayde Creek :21.40

Girls 100 Fly Unofficial

Wheeler/Carroll :56.98
Korst/Hebron :57.12
de Figueiredo/A&M :57.22
Williams/Keller Central :57.30
Day/Kingwood :57.62
Arceneaux/Seven Lakes :57.67
Johnson/Cypress Ranch :57.85
Moore/Cinco Ranch :57.87

Boys 100 Fly Unofficial

Tovey/Carroll :50.45
Pringle/Klein :50.49
Mankus/Keller :50.59
Hendricks/Collins :50.91
Covington/Clark :51.01
Vukobrat/The Woodlands :51.21
Sajewski/Keller Central :51.49
Morejon/Kingwood :51.49

Girls 100 Free Unofficial

Gibson/Reagan :50.67
Franklin/Westlake :51.49
Strickland/Churchill :51.51
Reed/Austin Austin :51.53
Thompson/Mansfield :51.69
Morrow/Cinco Ranch :51.78
Carter/Trinity :52.80
Carson/Cinco Ranch :52.80

Boys 100 Free Unofficial

Jaime/Clark :46.27
Steele/Seven Lakes :46.36
Reynolds/Klein :46.52
Magruder/Carroll :46.75
Nogueira Ribeiro/Cypress Ranch :46.90
Tan/Keller Central :46.94
McCaslin/Mayde Creek :46.99
Curley/Shoemaker :47.05

Girls 500 Free Unofficial

Huston/Katy Taylor 4:51.53
Boyles/Collins 4:52.72
Halmy/College Park 4:55.09
Zapinski/Carroll 4:55.79
Jaynes/Churchill 4:56.05
Upton/Carroll 4:57.39
Straight/Keller Central 4:57.63
Domeier/Klein 4:58.79

Boys 500 Free Unofficial

Loria/Mansfield 4:26.43
Dobbs/Carroll 4:30.03
Mayberry/College Park 4:33.62
Green/A&M 4:33.91
Klein/Carroll 4:34.51
Gage/Klein Oak 4:35.84
Bjontegard/Brandeis 4:35.92
Erdmann/Katy Taylor 4:36.89

Girls 100 Back Unofficial

Korst/Hebron :56.43
Brown/Keller Central :56.47
Day/Kingwood :56.80
Straight/Keller Central :56.98
Meyer/Bowie :57.29
Lupton/Kingwood :57.36
Yoon/Memorial :57.55
Navarro/Americas :57.68

Boys 100 Back Unofficial

Tovey/Carroll :51.45
Powell/Bell :51.68
Ber/Klein :51.86
Bernal/Cinco Ranch :52.07
Loh/Plano West :52.12
Pink/Kingwood :52.16
Head/Keller Central :52.17
Moran/Brandeis :52.44

Girls 100 Breast Unofficial

Burns/Memorial 1:05.01
Duran/Reagan 1:05.43
Yurchishin/Health 1:05.81
Pacilio/Heritage 1:05.88
Greener/Cypress Ranch 1:05.92
Saunders/Katy Taylor 1:06.05
Leonard/Carroll 1:06.14
Mueller/The Woodlands 1:06.29

Boys 100 Breast Unofficial

Tybur/College Park :57.01
W Thomas/Westlake :57.31
Lamb/Klein Oak :57.44
Anya/Lamar :57.55
Moore/Marshall :57.63
Kim/Allen :57.64
Hur/Anderson :57.86
Remetta/Carroll :58.06


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can post the Automatic qualifiers?

SCOTT said...

Agreed. I think a lot of us are wondering who the winners were for each region since we could only been at one place at a time :)

Anonymous said...

give us an inch and we take a mile :) But we love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Well, 99% of us would like to say THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very very much - know this is a ton of work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all of your efforts. I hope you get a nap today:)

Anonymous said...

The 100 back girls 5a is wrong, you are only allowed 4 people per region, and 4 girls are on the call up list from region 4.

Anonymous said...

That would be a pretty raw deal. All the invitations we read stated the next 8 fastest times would be called limit on the region has ever been noted anywhere. If you look closely, I think 4 had multiple girls events where they had 4 callups.

SCOTT said...

The 4 person per region rule was removed several years ago.

Anonymous said...

That rule on 4 per region was changed several years ago. It is not the winners from each region and the next 8 fastest times.

Anonymous said...

Region 4 had 6 people go in some events.

We fought hard to have that 4 per region limit rule removed, please never mention it again.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I believe I have found an error in your recordings, Bobby. I thought there was a limit to the amount of seniors allowed to advance to state in each event? I thought that if a senior won the event at regionals, then no other seniors were allowed to advance on the call up list.. only underclassmen.. But then again, maybe I just dreamt that at some point. Wouldn't be the first time! Also, is it still true that if you acheive a pool record at the district meet that you automatically advance to state? Thanks!

SCOTT said...

To the above comment. None of what you've just stated is true. There's no discrimination between classes getting called up to state. And, a pool record at districts doesn't guarantee you anything as far as advancing to state. (Not sure if the above post is trolling or not)

Anonymous said...

That comment 2 spots above has to be trolling. I hope.

Button said...

just a pot-stirrin' cage rattlin' jackass. we have a few of 'em in our sport.

how 'bout this? we flip a coin on call-up ties. if it lands on the edge, we break the tie using abc order.

yes, it gives the abbott's an unfair advantage over the zepeda's, but who ever said every system's gotta be fair?

life's not fair, folks. if it was, fools wouldn't have internet access...

Anonymous said...

Good for our family.... G.Abbott

Anonymous said...

Well, a coin toss wouldn't be very fair. But why on earth would you give a solution if it lands on the edge? When have you ever flipped a coin and have it land on an edge? I mean seriously, think about it, that would be quite a feat in itself. A miracle some could even say. So I vote that they just keep the call up list the way it is. Too bad the framers didn't include call up list rules in the constitution, then it would be solved. But it is good for now, definitely better than a coin toss. that's absurd.