Sunday, February 10, 2013


Special thanks to Craig Loria (yeah, that's his boy at the top of the 200/500 call-up lists) for helping out with the 5A call-up lists.

Also, thanks to everyone who's helped out by submitting results and helping with corrections.

Remember, these lists are unofficial and I'll continue to update when we find errors/omissions.

Wasn't it great to see folks sharing info in their comments?  We had dozens and dozens of people pitching in and sharing what they knew - all without any cursing or death threats!!

I hope to consolidate those event posts shortly to make it easier to hunt down your call-ups.

One final note.  A buddy had a great suggestion for the UIL on selecting region swim meet hosts.

He says any facility wishing to host a region meet should provide real time results online and via Meet Mobile.

Sounds like a no-brainer...but then again...

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