Saturday, November 02, 2013

Excuses, Excuses...

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Reading first comment on this post the other day reminded me of some older posts on excuses.  Here are a few shared by coaches on TOC:

Had one miss yesterday because he got hit in the back with an instrument this weekend at Area Band competition.... He is out for a week.

I had a kid tell me he couldnt practice because he was claustophobic in his helmet, and it made him not able to breathe...

Heard both of these this week:

1. Coach I can't come to practice today, I have mandatory show qhoir tryouts for Beauty and the Beast.

2. Coach I can't go to the game Friday. I have to go visit my dad in prison before they transfer him to South Dakota.

My mom has a date with my uncle and I have to stay home and watch my brother and my cousins.

I have to stay at home because my new step-mom (mail order bride from Russia) went crazy and pulled a gun on my dad because my real mom came home from her year long trip to Amsterdam and she did not know that I had a new mom and they got in a fight. I have to stay home for 2 days so I can visit my mom.

"Coach I can't work out today. My parents told me I have lactic acid in my muscles and it hurts really bad."

Had a kid a few years back that came to me after the morning workout...."Hey coach, I won't be here this afternoon or in the morning for practice. I'm getting married at 1:00 at the courthouse and my mother-in-law has got us a room at the Best Western."

Had a kid once tell me he had to miss because his aunt's cat was having kittens.

I have to take my dog to obedience class

When I was playing, one of my teammates missed a weeks worth of practice because he wiped his butt with poison oak.

Had a kid last year give me a note from his parent that said "Please excuse so and so from football practice today. He is allergic to grass and cannot get in the grass. The Dr. said he can get on grass next week."

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