Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Still More Excuses

Had a 9th grade football miss yesterday because he had to shoot his horse. A new one for me and the rest of the staff.

Ya'll ain't gonna believe this. Not a kid, but a varsity coach. He took a personal day from school today. Not for golf. Not for a vacation. But to go to a yoga class with his wife.....are you freakin kiddin me?

We got a new one yesterday. His mom's boyfriend's mom was sick in another town and they had to go check on her.

Coach so and so won't be a practice because he is in jail. Happened during two a days.

Had one miss yesterday because he got hit in the back with an instrument this weekend at Area Band competition.... He is out for a week.

Had a note handed to me during homecoming week...Due to extremity of little Johnny's school spirit, please excuse him from athletics today.

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