Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Anonymous said...

The best laid plans, often have to be adjusted, (improvise, adapt and overcome)when working with HS kids:

How is this for a list of "temporary" setbacks, that have altered practice attendance, meet attendance and training routines, for one HS Swim & Dive Team for the months of Sept and Oct?

1. dryland training injuries
2. falling out of a deer stand
(two broken ribs)
3. wasp stings
4. cactus "attack"
5. flu
6. bronchitis
7. heart murmur
8. two toe infections
9. getting beat up
10. kidney problem
11. dropped weight on foot
12. monkey bites
13. alarm clock malfunction
14. grade problems
15. chlorine burn?
16. torn shoulder
17. torn hip
18. back stress fracture
19. car accident
20. sprained wrist from falling
21. bacterial infection
22. bird "attack"
23. concussion
24. mystery hip problem
25. two broken hands
26. Power-tower mishap
27. water-polo throwing injuries
28. Band Regionals
29. Choir Auditions
30. SAT tests
31. College Recruiting trips
32. "Breakfast Club"
32. sick, lame, lazy or crazy
should take care of the rest....

Nov, Dec and Jan can only get better.

Anonymous said...

I just thought it was my team having temporary setbacks.....

Button said...

no big deal if you've got a hundred kids like foosball. if your squad is made up of twenty, you've got problems!

Button said...

'Nov, Dec and Jan can only get better.'

...right...turkey carving accidents, poaching arrest, new skateboard for christmas, ski trips, traffic court, new boyfriend/girlfriend, fireworks's only gonna git better...

Deer Slayer said...

Life is not about waiting for storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Lion King said...

Ahhh. Vivian Greene. Good choice. Should add "...and stomping in mud puddles."