Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fourth Commenter Enters Hall

We've got a new addition to the Comment Hall of Fame!

On the Officer Barbrady, I call Shenanigans! post:

Anonymous said…
Miami deserves the death penalty for caving to the Title Ninestas and dropping their award winning Men's swimming and Diving Program. To hell with the BS football crap, the NCAA needs to take back control of all sports and enforce the spirit of title IX, equal opportunity for all instead of a quota system in which those interested in sport are not afforded an opportunity to play. Male enrollment in higher education is at an all time low and part of that is due the Clinton, Bush, Obama interpretation of Title IX requiring strict numerical quotas for athletic participation. Affirmative action run amok!

In case you missed the first three inductees:

#1 (Deer Slayer)

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