Tuesday, October 29, 2013

UIL Under Review

(via Sunset Advisory Commission)

The UIL will undergo a Sunset review, but unlike other Texas agencies, won't be subject to abolishment.  Read more here.

If you'd like to give your input:

Suggestions are preferred by December 1, 2013, so they can be fully considered by the Sunset Staff.

Sunset Advisory Commission
P.O. Box 13066
Austin, Texas 78711
Fax: 512/463-0705
Email: sunset@sunset.state.tx.us

If you're looking for quick action on your suggestions, join the real world and lower your expectations.

It's dad gum guv'ment, fer cryin' out loud!

Sunset Commission recommendations won't be presented to the state legislature until its next session - in January of 2015.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the two page UIL Swimming Report, from Tracy Neely, sent out today on the e-mail by the UIL?
That is a first.

It seems that the impending "Sunset Review" evaluation process is already having an impact on the "service" being supplied by the UIL.

Button said...

hadn't seen that. anyone care to forward it?

Anonymous said...

Its very basic info that everyone knows who coaches.

Button said...

just read it. nothing earth-shattering there, except for the 'suggestive official's guidelines' headline.

who proofs this stuff, anyway?