Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Longhorn Men

More Orange/White coverage (via Swimming World):


Anonymous said...

Yes it is. Since DeLoss Dodds arrived on the Texas campus, his relentless pursuit for revenue and appeasement of Title IX feminists has resulted in a juggernaut athletic program for tu and a scorched earth policy for all other programs in the state. Men's swimming has been especially hard hit as Dodds hit the private schools in the privates by dismantling the SWC and doing everything in his power to cancel revenue sharing with other conference schools which will result in the eventual implosion of the Big 12(-2)

Before Dodds the SWC had 8 D-1 swimming programs, 7 in the state. After Dodds (today) only 4 D-1 men' s programs remain in Texas scattered across three conferences. Fewer opportunities mean tu can hoard more talent and the orange and white inter squad has more of a SWC conference meet feel as the state's talent either hangs their goggles up after high school, goes out of state or walks on to one of the remaining teams. Title IX and Neville Chamberlain like administrators such as Dodds are to blame!

Button said...

an aggie has spoken.

readers from outside the country might have thought 'tu' was just a typo.

agree that a major texas export (third behind oil and beef) is the male swimmer.

sure would be nice to see rice and houston restore men's swimming. might help us keep more texas talent at home.

didn't the razorback exit lead to the swc's demise?

doesn't a&m claim to be thrilled to be in the sec now?

if that's the case, why so bitter? sounds like they made lemonade out of those longhorn network-produced lemons.