Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aledo 91 - Western Hills 0

(via Chicago Now)

Of course y'all have heard about it by now, right?  A Western Hills HS foosball parent claims the Aledo HS foosball coach bullied.

Gotta love Coach Lib's post on TOC on the subject:

I have read on this site about a parent filing a bullying report on a school district for running up the score. I think it is very sad that it takes the action of a parent to bring the issue in the spotlight. Why hasnt the UIL been more pro-active on this matter? Where are our UIL officials, school administrators, and community leaders? We are making good strides in safety issues for kids on the field, now its time we take a step further. Those poor kids do not need to be humiliated like this. Should we not show mercy and compassion to our opponent?

I say BRAVO to the parent and BOO to the UIL!! It is high time that the UIL address this. There is a mercy rule in baseball and softball, as well as 6-man. Although most of my freshmen games would end a little early, I do feel bad for the opponent when they can not stop me. I would think that if a team is up by 28 at anytime during 1st half it should be an automatic running clock. If that team is still up by 28 at the half, there should be no 2nd half. A team is not capable of coming from behind by 28 pts. By that point, a team is so humiliated, that they should not have to endure any further embarrassment. I know alot of you cave dwellers will all try to be big and tough on this issue, but the fact is, children should not have to endure this kind of pain that may have lasting mental and emotional scars. We have come too far as a society. Its 2013,,wake up folks!! We should teach children the spirit of competition is the most important part, not killing their spirits and turning them off from wanting to participate and enjoy sports.

Lets all get on board and call the UIL so they will take action!! I am sorry for my ranting, but children and their emotional concerns should always be 1st on our list. Hope you guys have a great day and a great week.

Biden-Clinton 2016,,,now, more than ever!!


Kevin Murphy said...

Anytime a Team gets whipped hard, the parents seem to take it the hardest. Kids are quite resilient, if the parents do not make them weak by coddling them. Whenever I got hurt, my Mom used to tell me, "Get up, you can't be hurt, you're German" She was 5'11" and the oldest of 9 kids of a full German family in Kansas City. There was little time for sympathy in their family, and that attitude carried over into how she raised her kids. We were taught to get back up and fight if we were ever knocked down. My Mom was born in 1915, and times were different for her generation, and that carried over into how those of us now in our 50's were raised.
In some cases, parents, today, want to "prepare the path for their kids, not prepare their kids for the path". Life is tough and there is a lesson to be learned in every setback and in every success, as long as we remember that God gives us the talents to succeed if we honor Him with our efforts.

Those that responded on the Old Coach blog seemed to think that Coach Lib's response was for real. I truly believe it was satire, and not how he really thinks.

Could there really be serious professional coaches that think, feel and believe that way?

In the Spring of 2002, as the first-year water-polo coach at Bryan HS, we were on the receiving end of a 21-1 whipping in Boy's Water-Polo by the Woodlands at their Spring tournament. I was a "rookie" coach in Water-Polo, and so were our Bryan Boys. We took our licking and kept on ticking. No one was emotionally scarred for life, (embarrassed maybe) but we sure came to realize, we all (coach and kids) had a great deal to learn in order to become more competitive.

We learned, went back to work and became better swimmers and polo players and met them again, 6 months later at a tournament in Houston, and, although they beat us again, the final score was 9-8 in overtime. To us, that 2nd match with the Woodlands Boys was a great success.

I am sure that the Western Hills coaches and players will be motivated to find a way to improve and become more competitive, or find someone else, more at their level, to play, instead of Aledo HS.

Anonymous said...

Another great post by Coach Murphy...

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Mr. Murphy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love when Button posts comedy articles like that.