Friday, October 04, 2013

Wrap yer minds 'round this one:

(via City of Austin)

Out-of-town visitors to Austin's Deep Eddy and Barton Springs will be charged a dollar more than Austinites for taking a swim.  Read more here.

So...if you're an illegal alien living in Austin, you pay less per splash than a legal resident of Texas?


Anonymous said...

If you are a swim coach / teacher living in Texas do you prefer to molest young boys or girls?

Button said...

i usually delete this kind of garbage, but am leaving it up so others can see what a sicko he is.

this anonymous comment came in from a houston ip address.

it's an address that's posted anonymous comments in the past.

don't you wonder what his family, employers, and friends would think if they knew about this?

correction: this person has no friends.

sure would be shocking if it were revealed that the person behind this comment worked with young people, wouldn't it?

Tony Austin said...

The persons network ISP is Performance Systems International Inc. out of Houston.

Button said...

planning to send screenshots of sicko's info to system administrator.

he/she will likely be very interested to find out what kind of garbage this individual sends out on company computers/time.

Lion King said...

HAHAHA! Can't wait to see this one exposed in a NEWS-SPLASH on Swimming World!

Gee, probably won't get on flimflam at all, will it???

He seems to enjoy getting closer and closer to the edge. Can't believe his employer hangs on to him. Probably doesn't even know. The former head guy there would probably have canned his arse before now if he knew the kind of stuff he's been doing.

Karma's a b-word, he should be careful.

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