Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Inductee

Time for another induction ceremony for the Comment Hall of Fame. Read about the original member, Deer Slayer, here.

Anonymous hit the nail on the head this morning.

From Colorado Time Systems Responds:

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous said…
The reality is, the auto take off system doesn't need oversight. The auto take off system should be the oversight for the relay take off judges.

Exactly! The automatic relay take-off system was supposed to correct human error. If an incorrect call is made, use the computer to save the relay.


Deer Slayer said...

Congrats... I AGREE 100%. Let the pads be used to backup and confirm that it was a false start. That was the way they used to be used. The takeoff times were only looked at if a call was made with dual confirmation from the officials.

Anonymous said...

NOTE: am told that the "minutes" from the UILSO meeting were draft and that the relay protocol is being reworked/reworded by FS. Maybe he will read this hall of fame comment!