Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is Title IX out of step with girls?

The folks at Marshfield HS are wondering what hit them. They thought they were offering equal athletic opportunities to all their students, but the Title IX Proportionality Police don't agree. Read more here.

The pursuit of women's rights implies respect for women's choices. If some girls want to dance, should the federal government invalidate their choice? Must every female athlete participate in one of the us-against-them confrontations that men and boys traditionally have classified as 'sports"?

Maybe Title IX, which has achieved so much for women's rights, needs to be brought into step with young women.


Deer Slayer said...

Wow, it seems they wish to mandate the proportionality issue. With such a large number of females participating in drill team and cheerleading, of course they do not want those numbers used toward proportionality. I am all for equal opportunities for both genders, but that is just it. They are opportunities. How many guys are in "activities" like cheer and drill? Are their opportunities being diminished? Give equal opportunities, and let people CHOSE their sport or "activities" to participate. Get the government, or their watchdog liberal pet groups, out of everyone's lives.

Button said...

when the title ix police show up in texas, they'll get a different reception than oregon is giving them.

they're using them as a test to see if their bullying tactics will work. i don't think they'll work here, though.

we give kids in athletics credit for p.e.

we also give kids in band, drill team, cheerleading, and dance credit for p.e. too, right?

sounds like we are offering equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender.

if some choose dance over soccer, so what? do we have to cut boys' soccer - or have roster caps?

if they want to impose their quota system on texas high schools, i think they'll find that males are the underrepresented gender.