Thursday, June 02, 2011

We can afford this:

Outgoing Rutgers president Richard McCormick will earn $335,000 annually to teach history at the university. Read more here.

The agreement, approved by the Rutgers Board of Governors, said if McCormick should ever return to teaching at Rutgers his salary could be "no less" than the highest paid faculty member on campus. So, when McCormick announced he was stepping down to become a professor again, the university was legally obligated to pay him more than Norman Samuels, the former Rutgers-Newark provost now earning $320,000 a year as a political science professor.

We can also afford this:

Unfortunately, we can't afford to keep men's collegiate swimming.

Looks like they're using the Barone Sanitation business model...


Anonymous said...

You would be saddened to see the other things they can afford too - it is not just a "professor's" salary that is outrageous.

College Swimming Fan said...

I don't think that the history department's budget overlaps with the swim team's budget. If they paid him $135K, that extra $200K doesn't go anywhere near the swim program or any other athletics program.

I mean, we all want to save as many swim teams as possible, but I don't think ANYBODY in their right mind wants them to pull from academic programs to do so...

Nice choice of picture. It's almost eerie looking.