Thursday, June 16, 2011

UIL Swim/Dive Board Meeting Minutes

Thanks to a couple of readers for this heads up.

The board meeting minutes are here.

Q. Update on the NF Rules Committee Meeting (Traci Neely)

Traci passed out minutes from the NFHS Rules Committee meeting she attended.

Relay protocol for state: Frank sending it in writing for posting on Swim page (arbiter)

Rule 6: Redefined in the rules that the state association will be able to support people like Frank
making decisions for the meet and Gloria’s preparation of the files for meets.

It usually takes 2-5 years to make a rule change at the national level so there will be discussion on relay protocol for a few more meetings at the nation level.

Swimmers with disabilities was another issue of discussion at the national meeting

The Swimming division will have preseason board meeting and will have 2 diving members at that time.

Discussion by board: If relay take off pads are used there should also be two people. Will take two out of three (pads, human, human)

**Protocol should be supplied to the UIL for posting on the swim page. (Frank writing up and sending to the group. Will then be posted on the site AND emailed to the officials)

It looks like things are moving in the right direction. Wording of any new rule will be interesting.

The UIL Legislative Council was to have met Tuesday. Anyone have any news on that meeting?

p.s. Lots of talk about money, including this motion (which passed):

Funds left from 10-11 season from TISCA ~3500.00 be put in the UIL Swim general fund.


Anonymous said...

Just read the entire minutes, the only thing that came to mind was "thick as thieves". If you think anything will change, just look at who's still running things-- Frank and Gloria. Looks like they're trying to give more power to Frank, which is bad for everyone but Frank. Coaches need to rise up and be heard, because these guys have lost sight of what's important here.

Anonymous said...

Is he a UIL employee? How can someone who so obviously messed up be given even more responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't TISCA earmark its gifts to the UIL for specific items? How is that going in the general fund? Is the TISCA board aware of that?

Anonymous said...

The "wolves" are guarding the sheep pen. Most teachers and coaches that messed up so significantly would be fired or reassigned...The parental public outcry would drive the Administrators to take action or risk their own jobs.

But, as we all know from watching our United State Congressmen and Senators, along with our own United States Justice Dept with the "guns for sale" debacle, those in power that have little legitimate oversight, are able to "circle the wagons" and protect themselves and their positions, at the expense of those they hurt.
The leadership at the UIL sure seems to view themselves as "above the law" and that all the rest of the swimming world in Texas HS Swimming is just a bunch of whiners.

We don't even have a "scapegoat", just business as usual, as if little or nothing, out of the ordinary, happened at the last two Texas State Meets.
At least in the public arena, the high visibility of the media, forces those in power to find a "scapegoat" to take the heat when they do something so blatantly deficient or wrong, two years in a row!

The public outcry on this subject, State and national,is greater than any seen in swimming since the banning of the "super-suits". Too bad the public outcry can't drive those in charge out of their positions to supply us with leadership that we can trust to put our swimmers and our sport above their own interests and positions.

Vote "no confidence" in our current UIL Leadership (bottom to top) and Texas State Swim Meet Referee.