Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colorado Time Systems Responds

Earlier this month, Brent Rutemiller called for swimming organizations to suspend use of automatic relay take-off judging systems.

Read a response from Colorado Time Systems here.

We understand that fail safe systems need to be implemented and that's why an employee of Colorado Time Systems told the NCAA that they should use a minimum of a semi-high speed video camera to provide backup for the RJPs. A number of the major USA Swimming meets and NCAA meets are using relay judging and some are also currently using video cameras with a speed of about 100 frames per second.

So, why in the world would we continue using these systems without either a human element or a video back-up?

Colorado Time Systems agrees that fail safe systems need to be implemented in those rare cases that technology malfunctions. However, to completely eliminate RJPs would be hindering the advancement of the sport and opening the door to even more controversy if humans took over.

It might also hinder revenue growth for companies selling platforms...


sac said...

By all means....don't let the human element get involved!!

sac said...

I understand Colorado's corporate response, but really???....Don't let the humans take over....!?

Anonymous said...

it is about time the manufacturers weighed in... There is no way that any equipment - especially that in water can claim to be 100% accurate - so it is nice that they admit it - and even claim to have told the NCAA that they need a back up. Maybe if Daktronics would tell the UIL - then we can be sure of no "three peat"

Anonymous said...

Now, let's hold the UIL to the same standard that the manufacturers and the NCAA are being held to....a legitimate back-up that protects the athletes!!

EVERYONE, communicate extensively to make sure that the UIL and ALL the HS meet officials that oversee HS Swimming in Texas KNOW that the automatic relay takeoff system is not infallible and NEEDS the "human" backup to protect our HS swimmers.
We all have great confidence in the fairness and ability of our relay takeoff judges to "see" as well as, or better than, the "system".
Let's make sure that our officials are given the ability and credibility to backup, and in some cases, over-rule the machines in case of a malfunction of the touchpads or the RTOP's.

Anonymous said...

The reality is, the auto take off system doesn't need oversight. The auto take off system should be the oversight for the relay take off judges.