Friday, June 10, 2011

Proportionality 101

Pay attention, freshmen, I'm fixin' ta learn ya.

Today we'll look into the evils of proportionality.

As Helen Boucher once said, "Proportionality is the tool of the devil!"

The story:

Your institution of higher learning has a golf team. This year, no women opted to play on the team.

The athletic department noticed that there were a higher percentage of women attending school than there were playing sports.

Fearing a Title IX lawsuit, the department decided to drop a men's team.

Once the spring semester ended, the athletic department dumped golf and revived men's and women's tennis.

Don't believe it? Read more here.

Pera said he spent the past week arranging transfers for his younger players, including nonstarters and redshirts.

"That's the main thing, get these kids an opportunity," said Pera, the 1974 state champion while at San Jose City College and a '77 All-American at San Jose State. "Who knows? Maybe something pops and they move forward from there."

Your homework:

What will happen next year if no women want to play tennis?

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