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Thanksgiving Turkey

Y'all were hoping for a great post...one you'd be truly thankful for...bad news...this ain't gonna be the one...sorry.

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...been there...

High School

Corpus Christi TISCA

North Texas TISCA (unofficial)


Frisco ISD Invite

Remember that high school foosball game that got out of hand early - as in starting with the coin flip?  That one where they realized the scoreboard wouldn't go past 99, so they backed off?  If not, catch up here.

Back to the point:  Aledo foosball wasn't always dominant.  Read about program (re)building here.

To say that the once-proud football program in the Parker County town had fallen on hard times understated things. The team had gone through five head coaches in four years, one of whom lasted two days. Only 17 players went out for the varsity team. The locker rooms were rat-infested.

Coaching turnover and facility issues...those certainly can destroy programs!

Happy to report that swimming made it into this month's THSCA magazine.  After discussing shoulder, knee, and neck issues, Dr. Stuart Elkowitz reminds readers of some common-sense tips to ensure safety in the water.  Along with the standard "do not swim alone" and "do not dive in shallow water" was "do not swim when tired"...

Best not let your swimmers read this or they'll be getting out after warm-up...doctor's orders...

Among the items tabled, rejected, etc. at this year's UIL Legislative Council Meeting:

*Adding fencing as a UIL sanctioned activity
*Adding indoor track as a UIL sanctioned activity

Items to be studied included:

*Adding water polo as a UIL sanctioned activity
*Adding cheerleading as a UIL sanctioned activity
*Adding bowling as a UIL sanctioned activity

If my nose was running money, I'd blow it all on you:



LAC Time Trials

SPA Open

Turkey Trot


AAAA Time Trials

Ever get the feeling...

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Phill Hansel Invite

Art Adamson Invite

Western Shootout

Drury Invite

From the "Don't try to act surprised" file:

Unless there's a successful appeal, USA Swimming has banned Mitch Ivey. More here. Throwing the name "Spitz" in the piece reminded me of that SwimScam article from a while back.

Anything to sell papers paddles...

...nope, haven't been there...

December 6 is the beginning of the end for Boston University wrestling.  Barring a last-second escape & reversal, this will be their final season.

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Advocates for the wrestling program questioned whether competition and money were the only reasons the team was cut. Some wondered whether the university went out of compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires equitable opportunity for men and women in school sports, when it added men’s lacrosse.

However, Erin Buzuvis, a law professor at Western New England University and co-author of the Title IX Blog, said there’s not an obvious role for Title IX here. Adding women’s light weight crew was probably meant to address any compliance risk, Buzuvis said, and even if the university was still striving for proportionality, it would make more sense to add women and cut men, not replace one team with another.

“Either way you slice it, this is not looking like a ‘Title IX killed wrestling’ story,” she said in an email. “It’s just an ‘athletic department preference for another men’s sport killed wrestling’ story.”

So, Erin claims it's not a Title IX issue.  Since she writes the Title IX blog, would you expect anything different?

Erin failed to remind readers that - for decades - the Title IX quota system has wiped out hundreds of wrestling programs, making it tough for the remaining few to survive the athletic department axe.

Time to wrap it up.  Try this one full screen with speakers up:

See ya...

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