Thursday, November 21, 2013

Addition by Subtraction

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The quota crowd won another one - at the expense of women!

Colorado State is dumping women's water polo and adding women's soccer.

If you're asking why, you must new to this site.

It's because they need more numbers on the women's side...but I guess not a whole lot more numbers...or they'd have added soccer and kept polo...

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CSU has honored the scholarships to those members of the water polo team that chose not to transfer, even though the scholarships don't count toward Title IX compliance. However, Daley was left out. She said her scholarship offer was tendered verbally days before the program's elimination was announced, and the paperwork was neither signed nor processed in time to extend that benefit to her.

By the time the biology major's academic adviser contacted Graham trying to get CSU to honor Daley's verbal scholarship offer, the water polo squad's accounts already had been closed, and the athletic director said he was powerless to help.

Now Daley, a native of Hawaii, is faced with the likelihood of dropping out of school to work full-time and save up for tuition.

Daley said the odd juxtaposition of a women's sport being eliminated to comply with gender-balance guidelines is telling.

"It definitely shows that they didn't take our sport as seriously as maybe men's basketball or football, because they definitely wouldn't have eliminated them," she said.

First, welcome to our world, Alexzandrea.

Second, don't think they'll treat women's soccer any more seriously than they did polo.

Finally, doesn't look like there's any chance they'll restore the men's swimming program.

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