Monday, November 04, 2013

Quote of the Day

The results of a new study are out this week
saying that New Jersey is one of the most
livable states in the country.  The study
has a margin of error of 100 percent.

Conan Christopher O'Brien


Anonymous said...

If you are a male swimmer NJ is certainly more hospitable than Texas. Kudos to NJIT (I didn't even know they existed until I looked it up.) Title Ninestas, go to town because the Highlanders only sponsor MEN's Swimming and you girls are left high and dry on the deck.

NJIT's sports teams are called the NJIT Highlanders. The school colors are red and white, with navy. NJIT's athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division I (full membership officially 1 September 2009[43]). The men's volleyball team plays in the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (EIVA) conference, the men's swimming team plays in the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association, and the rest of the teams play as independents after the demise of the Great West Conference after the 2012-13 season. The club-level ice hockey team plays in the Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference.

The sports available at NJIT are:

Baseball (Men's only)
Bowling (club-level)
Cross Country
Ice Hockey (club-level, participates in Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference (ACHA Division II club hockey))
Swimming (Men's only)
Track & Field
Cheer Team

Now I don't advocate discrimination at any level and when you do go after NJIT be sure to include UNT, Houston, and Rice in your lawsuit as they discriminate by gender as well in this sport. Lawyers, sharks and gender advocates - let the feeding frenzy begin!

Button said...

uh oh...don't let nancy know there's a school with a men's team but not a women's team.

instead of just adding women, she'll push to dump the men in the name of proportionality.