Saturday, November 02, 2013

Tex Robertson

Ross Lucksinger, grandson of the late Tex Robertson, will do a "meet the author" event in Burnet tomorrow.

Lucksinger recently released Tex:  The Father of Texas Swimming.  Read more here.

“The tales got so tall and the legend so big, part of it was just trying to find out what was the truth,” Lucksinger said. “It turns out, most of it was actually true.”

Robertson is a Burnet County icon. He and his wife established Camp Longhorn on Inks Lakes in 1939 before adding Camp Longhorn Indian Springs, also in Burnet County, in 1975. But it wasn’t just his work at the camp that made Robertson such a legend, it was his entire life.

Born Julian Robertson in 1909, he earned an international reputation as a swimmer with trips to the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and by winning championships as a member of the University of Michigan swim team.

Get your copy here or here.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Too bad some of our purported swim experts (yes small town Texas) I am talking to you, put up roadblocks to developing Texas swimmers and instead treat their facilities like a fiefdom to be protected. News flash, with the exception of (some) private facilities, these are taxpayer funded venues and you need to work with your constituents (taxpayers and other overlapping tax supported districts) to further benefit your service area. It is NOT all about you.

Tex Robertson tried to build up swimming in the state of Texas, not drag it down for some personal or local vendetta. A rising tide lifts all boats and my greatest admiration and respect was for those opposing coaches who gave me great advice and counsel, augmenting that I received from my own coaches.