Friday, September 21, 2012

Even More Excuses

Saw another "excuses" thread on The Old Coach.  Not up to speed on excuses for missing practices (and games)?  Catch up here, here, and here.

A few "gems" from most recent TOC thread (w/o spelling/grammar corrections):

I had a kid tell me he couldnt practice because he was claustophobic in his helmet, and it made him not able to breathe...

I told a kid Friday...Go to strong guard, stay low and beat that guy across from you. He said " I can't coach, I have to pee"...I just walked away.

was coaching and 8th grade game my second year.........we were getting a PeeWaDoodle spanking........late in the game I was trying to get as many kids in as I could.....turned to a young man and said......."Go in at left guard".....he looked me in the eye and said..."Coach ...if it's all the same to you....I think I'll wait till next week"

Heard both of these this week:

1. Coach I can't come to practice today, I have mandatory show qhoir tryouts for Beauty and the Beast.

2. Coach I can't go to the game Friday. I have to go visit my dad in prison before they transfer him to South Dakota.

youth football...kid's dad told me no contact due to told me it was his fault. I agreed...I assumed he meant genetically it was his fault, but he said he forgot to put sunblock on him

Saddest excuse I ever heard and from a GREAT kid. "Coach I am going to miss practice tomorrow, my Mom is graduating" I asked "graduating from what, it is not time for any college graduation?" He said with an embarrased look "from rehab". Wished real quick I was not so dang stupid. But I learned a lesson.

That was fifteen years ago and I still wonder how he turned out. Hope it was good.

Read 'em all here.

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