Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Splash-O-Truth Bullying Fail

ASCA-member coaches (many are attending the ASCA World Clinic in Las Vegas this week) are being called "suckers" by Splash-O-Truth.

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You are all truly suckers!


The following are the sucker coaches that updated certifications:


The following are the sucker coaches that purchased new memberships:

Not sure what Splash is was all about?  Catch up here.

5. The American Swimming Coaches Association Board (if it is anything more than a "rubber stamp" board) needs to remove John Leonard as the Executive Director. If Leonard is not removed from the American Swimming Coaches Association, we are calling upon all coaches and parents to boycott ASCA and start a new coaches association that actually helps and supports club coaches. Other actions that need to be taken are as follows - 1. Don't pay for or attend ASCA sponsored clinics. 2. Don't purchase ASCA memberships. 3. And certainly don't buy any materials or services from ASCA. As an organization, USA Swimming needs to disassociate themselves with ASCA and certify and educate coaches on their own. ASCA's only good for gouging clubs and their underpaid coaches. Unfortunately, USA Swimming Club coaches do not have a coaches association that truly represents their interests.

Many of us continue to take advantage of the many things ASCA has to offer the professional swim coach.

This certainly doesn't sit well with the folks behind Splash.

Could their attacks on us be considered bullying?


Lion King said...

Until it is known who is actually behind splash or usswimscandal or whatever they have morphed into, what the REAL motivation for their/his agenda is (got snubbed by Leonard or USA-S?), and who funds the smear-a-thon, the credibility is taking the same course as Facebook stock.

Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

I read it differently and thought it was hilarious. Even though I'm an ASCA member, I'm not offended because I think John Leonard is a cancer to the sport. The writer shouldn't have posted the names of the certification updates or new members though.

Cowboys said...

Lion King, sadly (and I don't agree with their tactics) the Splash has been proven right about most of the things he/she/they have written about. Not everybody is bad, but USA Swimming and ASCA is sick and very broken right now. Thank God for our wonderful athletes that represented Team USA at the Olympics. They succeeded in spite of the leadership of our sport.

Button said...

obama is the worst president of my lifetime (you're off the hook, carter).

should i demand that all democrats leave the party and renounce their u.s. citizenship?