Sunday, September 23, 2012

Richmond "Reconfiguration"

Men's running and soccer are getting the boot at the University of Richmond.  Read more here.

These changes will result in a new $3 million athletic endowment funded by multiple donors and additional resources for other Olympic sports, while reducing the total number of Division I sports.

Translation  A few wealthy lacrosse fans donated a bucket of money for a new program, but that puts us waaaaaaaaaaaay out of balance due to proportionality.  Instead of eight men's sports (and nine women's sports), we'll drop down to seven.  Just do the math:  8 + 1 = 7

Y'all know how Title IX numbers work, right?  Rather than add another women's sport, they'll instead drop a pair of men's sports.

Why didn't they drop the Spider's men's swimming program, you ask?  Simple!  They already have a women-only squad.

Thanks for the heads up, SZ!

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