Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sharkathon 2012

Leon (left) helping Steven load up his truck for the big tournament.

Sharkathon 2012 begins tomorrow at Padre Island National Seashore.

Before y'all give 'em a hard time, the participants in this tourney are not killing these animals.  When they're sharkin' on their own, most of these folks do a catch & release.

From the 2012 Sharkathon Rules:

9) To increase the chances for survival of all fish, the use of circle hooks is recommended. All TP&W regulations apply, including size and length limitations. Game fish may not be used for bait.
10) This tournament is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament. Any angler caught wasting game will be disqualified from the event. Any fish that is caught and harvested or that subsequently dies will NOT count for entry into this tournament.


Lion King said...

He's got more stuff packed in that truck than Captain Quint (Robert Shaw) and Matt "Hoopah" (Richard Dreyfuss) did in the Orca in the movie Jaws!

Deer Slayer said...

He's gonna need a bigger boat....