Thursday, January 03, 2013

Please tell me...

...somebody hacked his Twitter account...

Was checking the Millersville University athletic site just now.  Remember those folks?

Nearly a year ago, they announced they were dumping three (3) men's running programs.

Care to catch up?

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Welcome back.  Got the picture now?  Okay, time to move on to another topic.

Checking out their site today (noticed they offer twelve sports for women and seven for men), I happened to click on the link for women's swim coach (no, they don't have a men's team) Kyle Almoney's Twitter page.

Screen shot:

I don't "shock" easily, so let's just say I was surprised to see the "Uncle Joe" retweet.  Didn't look like it belonged on a swim site, but I figured there must be a good reason it was there.

So..........I went ahead and checked out old Uncle Joe's page.  It ain't pretty, fans.  If it's an attempt at humor, I guess I'm just an old stick in the mud.

Naughty word warning.

Tweeting jackass w/naughty words warning.

Uncle Joe Twitter

1 comment:

Button said...

i guess i'm the only one who thinks this was inappropriate for a women's swim coach to have on his site.

i emailed coach almoney to find out if this was a mistake (hacked?) and if not, what he was thinking when retweeting this.

got no reply.

in fact, he's actually retweeted two swim/coach items since the uncle joe retweet.

guess it wasn't a hacker.

millersville is the last place i'd send a young lady to swim.