Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mean Eyed Cat

At least one high school district has posted they're scoring their meet to sixteen (16) places.  Did I miss something?  Was there a rule change?  Is this just a mistake?

Debate over raising the debt ceiling is idiotic.  One side says raise it, while the other wants to keep it where it's at.  Waiting for some genius in Washington bring up this bright idear.  How's 'bout we:

Lower the debt ceiling annually until it's ZERO!

I gotta do all the thinkin' 'round here?

Last semester, Keller ISD took on Southlake Carroll.  Gave 'em a pretty good meet.  Results here.

Carroll was the only undefeated team in Katy at the Dool Duel in the Puel Pool.  Some results here.

Thirty-two minutes of nuttin'?  That's Dennis Dodd's take on NCAA President Emmert's speech at the convention in Grapevine.  Read more here.

This, recent events have reminded us, is quickly developing into an age of transparency. Lance Armstrong. Manti Te'o. Soon head coaches in every NCAA sport will be held accountable for the ethical conduct of everyone and everything that is involved in their program -- or else.
It's part of a new penalty matrix that is so broad that even Emmert couldn't define its reach in a post-address press conference.
"We're going to have to work harder on definitions of what that really means," Emmert said.

Our buddy GWG will be able to fit this year's Maccabiah Games into his schedule.  Read more here.

The Maccabiah Games have a long history of attracting elite Jewish swimmers to the competition. The 1965 Maccabiah Games were reportedly Mark Spitz's first international competition, at age 15. Spitz also competed in the 1969 Games, and lit the torch at the opening ceremonies of the 1985 Games. Jason Lezak sat out the 2009 World Championships in Rome to compete in the 18th edition of the Maccabiah Games. Weber-Gale told Swimming World that he will be competing in the World Championship Trials (June 25-29 in Indianapolis, IN) prior to the Maccabiah Games, but will decline a spot on the US World Championship team in Barcelona, Spain (July 28-Aug. 4), should he qualify.

Incarnate Word vs. A&M (M&W)

LSU vs. A&M (M&W)


SMU Classic (M)

TCU vs. WVU (M&W)

Greater Southwest (Real Time)

Austin Grand Prix (Real Time)

South BB Champs (Palo Alto, Real Time)

HSC 12 & Under

AAHSSL City (Block)

AAHSSL City C&D (Palo Alto)

AAHSSL City (Northside)

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