Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heartland Conference

This comment appeared a while ago on the Smell Smoke? post below:

AnonymousAnonymous said...
two3: the "reason" given to drop swimming and I/O track (and -maybe- fb) was shared by a former McM swimmer who stays in the loop out there, and says that the new conference (Heartland) does not sponsor those sports, so they will drop those that aren't "in" and add those that are but aren't fielded at McM yet.

Valid? I dunno, but I think it's got legs.

Just think it's a damn shame for Bev Ball's storied career to end this way. She's terrific, but her spirit has got to be damaged by this senseless travesty. UTPB is in Heartland and THEY have swimming teams, don't they? Why can't McM hang in there and do what's right by Bev Ball and her kids???

Heartland Conference sports:


Cross Country


Cross Country

Below are member school sport offerings that differ from the "standard" lists:

Dallas Baptist+ Track & Field (M&W), - Softball (W)

McMurry+ Track & Field (M&W), + Swimming (M&W), + Football (M), - Softball (W)

Newman+ Bowling (M&W), + Wrestling (M)

Oklahoma Christian+ Track & Field (M&W), - Volleyball (W)

Oklahoma Panhandle- Soccer (M&W), - Tennis (M&W), + Football (M), + Cheerleading (W), + Rodeo (M&W), + Equestrian (W)

Saint Edward's- Cross Country (M&W)

Saint Mary's- Cross Country (M)

Texas A&M International- Tennis (M&W)

Arkansas Fort Smith- Soccer (M&W), - Softball (W)

Texas Permian Basin- Golf (M&W), + Swimming (M&W)

Looks like every school in the conference has their own local standard for sport offerings, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

There is also talk of them dropping the 3 programs to add Women's softball...

So the reasons being budget, conference alignment, and adding women's softball.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait - did I see cheerleading on one school? I thought it was determined to not be a "sport" - even though many believe it is just as physical as many sports....

Button said...

i'm okay with cheerleading being used as a sport. we've got gals being counted on equestrian rosters for title ix purposes that never even put a foot in a stirrup.

how is brushin' a horse more a sport than tumblin' an yellin'?