Monday, January 21, 2013

Mean Eyed Cat II

Another version:

A reader asked about the new NCAA rules.  Wondered if they applied to all sports or just foosball.  My guess was all sports.  Read more here.

The changes, adopted by the NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors and scheduled to go into effect in August, are part of an extensive revision of how the NCAA governs college sports. The association is expected to push through a variety of other rules changes in coming months.

In total, the board approved 25 proposals on Saturday, including changes limiting regulation of personnel, recruiting, eligibility, and benefits. Among other things, the moves give coaches the ability to make unlimited contact with recruits through text messages and social media, and take the NCAA out of the business of regulating such mundane matters as printed recruiting materials.

“Some of our rules are counterintuitive, outdated, and just unenforceable. They just don’t make sense in the world we live in,” said Mark Emmert, the NCAA’s president. “We are refocusing on the things that really matter, the threats to integrity and the biggest issues facing intercollegiate athletics.”

Let the wild rumpus start!

Karlee Bispo picked up a couple of wins last night.  Made a thousand bucks in the process.  Updated Grand Prix money list is here.

It's about a week late, but former UT women's assistant Jack Roach's Twenty Question Tuesday is here.

7. You have a strict no-meat diet and a love for animals – where does that come from?
I quit eating meat in 1968 and have never looked back. I can’t say it was originally driven by the protection of animals though – it was for my health. As my spiritual life grew – I had always had dogs in my life – I dove into the world of nutrition. If I have a true passion in life, it is animal rights – almost to a fault.

Looks like that last one should've included an "r"...

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