Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smell Smoke?

Something's up out in Abilene.

McMurry head foosball coach Hal Mumme resigned friday and has reportedly accepted an offer to become offensive coordinator at James Madison.  Read more here and here.

“It’s time to move,” he said. “I’ve done everything I can do at McMurry.”

Rumors of a conference switch could have been one factor that prompted Humme's move.

At the same time, several sources have indicated that a conference change might spell doom for the War Hawk track and swimming programs.

Head Coach Bev Ball's swimmers host Austin College this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Now the proposal is to drop Men's and Women's Swimming as well as Men's Soccer.

Button said...

i knew the swimming rosters were way out of 'proportion' (21m/6w), but was holding out hope it wasn't a title ix issue. men's soccer (31) as another potential target makes me wonder...

Anonymous said...

two3: the "reason" given to drop swimming and I/O track (and -maybe- fb) was shared by a former McM swimmer who stays in the loop out there, and says that the new conference (Heartland) does not sponsor those sports, so they will drop those that aren't "in" and add those that are but aren't fielded at McM yet.

Valid? I dunno, but I think it's got legs.

Just think it's a damn shame for Bev Ball's storied career to end this way. She's terrific, but her spirit has got to be damaged by this senseless travesty. UTPB is in Heartland and THEY have swimming teams, don't they? Why can't McM hang in there and do what's right by Bev Ball and her kids???