Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Unofficial Call-Up Lists

In 2012, the UIL requested that TISCA not post their annual unofficial state meet call-up lists.

Remember how well that worked out?  No?  Care to catch up?  Just go to last February's archives.  Scroll down to the 11th and work your way up.

I'm told to be prepared for a repeat of last year's debacle.

Unless...someone outside TISCA is willing to compile and post the 2013 list Saturday evening.

Hmmmm.  That would require a coach/official/meet director* from each of the sixteen regions (8 4A & 5A) to email complete Hy-Tek results files** promptly to that someone.  Those contributing files would remain anonymous.

In the event that complete files are not submitted from each region, that someone would not release any information.  Kind of an "all or none" deal.

If you're a coach/official/meet director that would help out in this project, you can email files to that someone here.

If you do not agree with this project, thanks in advance for not hindering those that do.

*Two would be even better.  Always have a back-up, right?

**Why complete?  Ties in finals happen.  Prelim swims do come into play once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea, BUT I also like the idea of SWAPPING region results. Why not create a list of coaches willing to swap region results so everyone can make their own?

An online results swap, nothing posted, just email those listed if you need/want their results

Anonymous said...

I know the Lang swimmer is going to do his best not to be a call up this year.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! the wait was too long for those that were on the bubble. Not right. what? The UIL can't work for a few hours on SAturday evening?

it's not that hard...but then again, it is the UIL

SCOTT said...

Last year I remember all the regional results being posted to tisca, but not the call up list. I was able to go through all the results and figure out that my swimmer was the last call up for the 100 fly. She was also 9th in the 200 free. Slightly annoying that noboby could make an unofficial list to put on the tisca site.

Anonymous said...

I'm the former coach who went on the rant last year that you posted Button. First of all let me thank you, being across the country and in the military makes it real hard to watch the sport I love, and you simplify this for me. But alas, I pray PRAY that after last years "mis-hap" that nothing of the sort is allowed this year. I hope that there were lessons learned, that there were coaches/officials/ parents that are willing to take a stand if this happens again. God only knows we can't depend on UIL, well unless we can fill a football stadium that is! Thanks again Button.

Button said...

anyone with the software and complete meet files should be able to come up with a call-up list in a few minutes. since we have an occasional tie or two or three, it's a good idea to go over it well and then have someone else do the same.

after that, what's the harm in posting and labeling it 'unofficial'?

coach, now that everyone's on the look-out for the old switcheroo, what'll the snakes out there come up with this time around?

nothing, we hope...

Anonymous said...

hoping that you are getting a good response here to share results...remember, this is about the kids...and it's not about the UIL...its about the kids. The swimmers; they like to celebrate or deal with their disappointments privately over the weekend...and get on to preparing, either for state or for dealing with the news.

Anonymous said...

So when are the official call up lists going to be up? And just curious what Lang swimmer is doing his best to not be a call up? The boy on the 200 IM unofficial list?

Anonymous said...

if the football games were played on fri/sat, but the results weren't calculated and published until tuesday, there would be riots. How about this - get rid of this silly callup system and publish a state cut. you make the cut you go to state. You still have the same limits on number of know, like other states do.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by that?

Anonymous said...

Why would you say the Lang swimmer in the 200 IM Is doing his best not to be Callup? If you look he dropped both in prelims and finals.