Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sometimes you're the windshield...

...sometimes you're the bug.

Houston Austin, we have a problem!  Too much flexibility with high school district meet dates and entry deadlines affords some an unfair advantage.

Districts that hold to the traditional schedule and swim their meets two weeks before the region weekend "show their cards" before other districts are required to submit their entries.  Sponsors couldn't care less.  Coaches, however, do.


The UIL should:

a) require all district meets to be swum two weeks before the region meet, or
b) require all district entries to be submitted by the same date (statewide).

I understand the arguments about quality facility availability.  I'll counter that the venue for district meets is not all that important.  Sure, we don't want these meets swum in mudholes, but they needn't be contested in the Taj Mahal, either.  Remember that advancing to the region meet is all about placing, not times.  Swimming your district meet in a slower pool doesn't impact who qualifies for the region meet.

Alvin Classic

AAAA C (Real Time)

Went into the HEB last week and was "greeted" with "Would you like to donate to feed the hungry?"

I didn't say what I was thinking:

Since my tax dollars just went to giving kids a free breakfast and lunch at school today and there are probably a half dozen folks over at the checkout swiping Lone Star Cards, I'd say I'm already doing my part.

The Texas men slipped from #4 to #7 in the most recent CSCAA D-I poll.  The Aggies made their way into the rankings at #21.  More here.


Legion of Woo claims that the worst song ever recorded is "We Build This City on Rock and Roll" by Jefferson Starship.  More here.  Legion of Woo reminds us that "Sometimes we may disagree...but that's because you're wrong."  Guess my argument that just about any song by America should be near the top of the "worst ever" list is just plain wrong.  Still, I'll let you be the judge:


PEAK 3rd Coast Invite

South Texas B Champs (Belton)

AAAA BB Champs (Palo Alto)

A&M vs. SMU (M)

LSU Quad (W)

UIW Invite

Colorado College Invite

TCU vs. SMU (W)

Centenary vs. Trinity

Southwestern vs. Centenary

Texas vs. TCU (W)

Texas vs. TCU (M)

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