Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Millersville Rejects Funding Offer

The administration at Millersville University took a two-step approach in nixing a deal that would have saved their men's running programs:

Step 1: Open Mouth

Step 2: Insert Foot

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A Millersville University grad offered $300,000 as part of an alumni proposal to run men's track and cross country for three years while the alumni look for permanent funding.

On Monday, alumni learned the university had rejected the proposal.

Not familiar with the fork-tongued devils that run Millersville? Catch up here.

"What I was basically told was, 'We don't want to set a precedent, and we don't want anybody telling us how to run our school,' " he said.

Really? Didn't the university claim - just over a month ago - that they'd used an outside consulting firm that advised them to drop men's running?

They didn't seem to mind Bob Oliver & Chuck Lindemann telling them how to run their school then, did they?

p.s. Here's a comment on the recent article by Mville Resident:

Stadium lights at Millersville University have been on ALL NIGHT and they are currently on at 6:37am...I really wish I had money to "throw away" like they do.


The Other Dr. G said...

Millersville’s Men’s Sports
Average Cost Per Participant

Basketball $3,633
Baseball $3,231
Golf $3,032
Wrestling $2,481
Tennis $1,890
Football $1,678
Soccer $1,543
Track-XC $1,015

Revenues by Sport
Football $1,04,102
Track-XC $497,199
Baseball $345,026
Basketball $363,265
Soccer $241, 489
Wrestling $190, 303
Golf $99,399
Tennis $81,251

Revenues by Sport – Expenses by Sport
Track-XC $25,047
Basketball $20,499
Baseball $5,209
Golf $1,170
Soccer $776
Tennis $34
Wrestling $9
Football $0

Button said...

wait a minute! this can't be right! you're saying football - a 'revenue' sport - doesn't even break even? if dropping men's track were really a budget issue, why not drop football instead? think about it. how much better would other sports at m.u. be if they were better funded - using money they've been fumbling away on foosball?

seriously, don't drop football.

just stop dropping sports like track, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, etc. and saying it's a money issue...

Anonymous said...

These administrators don't even realize how counter-intuitive their "this will only delay the cuts". It isn't worth it for these people to put time and energy into a short term solution as the announcement to cut the teams has already done its damage. No student athlete will go there now. A long term solution is the only viable option for BOTH parties. Give them a chance to save the sport.

Anonymous said...

These administrators do not realize how counter-intuitive their arguments are about finding long term funding. The $300k is only worth it to those trying to save the program if long term funding can be found. In the short term the teams are done. Recruits won't attend and current athletes will flee. It won't be pretty for a few years. Those trying to save it realize this and are attempting to make the long term possible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest - by "revenue" sports, they don't mean the actual revenue of the sport minus the expenses. What the administrators really believe is revenue is the donations they get. How many donors show up, decked in school colors to watch a swim meet? Not many. How many donors do this same thing for a season of football or basketball - LOTS! Correlate the donations to the success of the football or basketball team - you will see there is a DIRECT correlation. Now try this for swimming or other "non rev" sports - guess what - no correlation. I agree that Title IX is a cause for eliminating the sports and that cause is grossly unfair - but let's not pretend that revenue is the word used in commercial business terms.