Thursday, March 08, 2012

D-I Qualifiers = Gender Imbalance

View both D-I psych sheets:

D-I Women

D-I Men

A comment on a College Swimming message board thread that says it all:


Its just absurd to see girls taking 15 relays and 30 girls per individual event. Then on the other hand you have the guys meet thats top 12 relay and now top 17-18 guys-its a completely different playing field, thank you title 9

Where are all those Title IX lawyers when the men need them?

Would parents, coaches, and athletes accept this sort of thing in a UIL state meet? What if we swam prelims with two (2) heats of boys (with some empty lanes) and then had four (4) heats of girls? You can bet the lawyers would be all over it, right?

How can this be happening at the highest level in our sport?

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