Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A comment on Friday's Quote of the Day:

would like some updates please.. How about a whatever happened to:

1. coach that pulled the hair of the swimmer
2. U Tenn coach that got canned

3. Relay rule at NFHS

4. UD swim/track

5. Splash of Truth

etc etc

1. Hair-pulling coach resigned shortly after incident. Unable to confirm rumors of major surgery and a new career in pro wrestling. You be the judge: Dirty Tactic

2. Story is making the rounds, but I'd rather not share. Will leave that job to Splash-O-Truth.

3. UIL decided to go part way back to old policy. Still not the rule we were promised back when the technology was being sold to us, though. Still not the way NCAA uses equipment, either. A few hundred bucks worth of camcorders/tripods worked very well as back-up at our D-II meet last week. Guess our high school kids aren't worth that expenditure, though. See Rules and More on Rules posts for latest.

4. UD still sponsors eight (8) men's sports, two (2) more than the NCAA minimum. Men's swimming is one of those eight. See Holy Guacamole! Is this how it's done? for damaging revelations on the timeline followed in axing UD's men's running programs. Delaware House Bill 126 deals with the lack of transparency at UD. Read about it here.

One of the chief authors and sponsors of the bill, state Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South), said HB 126 will require university officials to be more open about decisions made during Board of Trustees meetings. He said numerous decisions made by board members, such as the reclassification of the men’s track and field team as a club sport, have received criticism but cannot be closely examined by members of the public because information from internal discussions is not openly available.

“The UD running programs were cut, master’s degree programs’ tuition increased for in-state students to the rate of out-of-state students, out-of-state labor controversy, and summer classes for matriculating Delaware high school seniors were canceled, which were only restored after a huge public outcry,” Kowalko said.

5. Nothing new has been posted on Splash since early February. The only conclusion I can draw is that coaches, swimmers, officials, fans, etc. are behaving themselves like never before!

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