Monday, March 19, 2012


Rules & Regs Chair for USA Swimming, Dan McAllen, put out another clarification on the breast pull-out rules. Read it here.

High school rules proposed to NFHS are here.

If you would like to "vote" and/or comment on any proposal, Paul Torno needs to hear from you no later than Wednesday, March 21st at 6:00pm Pacific Daylight Time. The annual NISCA Conference is being held next week in Seattle and a discussion and vote on the rule proposals is a part of each convention - and input from non-attendees will be shared with the group. Paul will then go directly from the NISCA Conference to the NFHS Rules Committee meeting in Indianapolis. He is able to share the views of NISCA members with the committee - and hearing from more members is very valuable. If you respond, please be sure to connect the Proposal # (left hand column) to your vote and/or comments. Knowing the "why" of your vote can be helpful. E-mail your votes/comments to Paul at

I'm definitely voting against one of the diving rules. The rationale says it all:

Rationale: Many of our officials (new and old alike) use the dd as a guideline for judging lives.

Give the poor kids a break...

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sz said...

I'm just a parent and have no vote, nor have I ever read an NFHS voting notice before but it seems there to be some disconnect as it relates to the separate suggestions about the relay take off pads/electronic judging. Does this all make sense to those of you who have a vote and please tell me you all are voting to amend the rule as it is written!