Monday, May 09, 2011

Wrestling with the truth in Nebraska

Stunning! Shocking!! Outrageous!!!

Administrators not being honest?!?!

For the story on shady, dirty-dealin' booger-brains, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guess who the consultants were for this move Alden and Associates. The same outfit that did the hatchet job on Kutztown. UNO paid $20,000 for a two day visit and two weeks for a report. $20,000 about $7000 less than the 1 year operating budget for a combined men's and women's swimming program at KU. In the last week it was found out that KU is currently sitting on a 29 million dollar fund. of course they're crying poor.

Button said...

so, you're saying money might not have been the real issue here?

the university could have joined the conference, then played football/wrestled as an independent?

could the reason have been proportionality?

is it possible that some women's sports at uno are further in the red than male sports?

would dropping those women's sports have caused the university title ix troubles?

wouldn't that throw cold water on the budget trouble claims?

Anonymous said...

Proportionality? Of Course..but the playbook as you know is to blame the budget and not title IX. I think you said it two years ago: Hire Alden and Associates and they will tell you what male sports to drop. You hire consulting firms when there aren't enough smart people on your campus to make your own decisions.