Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Proportionality Hurts Athletes

While Title IX lawyers have profited by using proportionality to shake down college athletic programs, the athletes Title IX was supposed to help continue to suffer. Using a quota system to enforce Title IX has resulted in lost opportunities for both men and women.

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"How did we ever get to a place where a program that is supposed to be about creating opportunities for women is now being used in a way to create no opportunities for women and to cut men?" said Tom Rogers, a former captain of the Delaware track team who graduated in 1989, to The New York Times.

Corey Wall, current co-captain of the men's track team, noted that there was no threat of a lawsuit or question of compliance when the university demoted the team, which is why a complaint was filed in the first place.

"We're not fighting Title IX at all; we're just fighting the misuse of it," he said.

Well put, Tom & Corey!

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The Screaming Viking! said...

very well put indeed.