Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too Much OUCH!!!

Update on the hair-pullin' coach is here. Thanks for the heads up, DP!

When liberal publications like the Huffington Post start questioning men's sports cuts made in the name of Title IX, you know the quota crowd must be worried. Read more here. Thanks for the heads up, CS!

According to the university, the cuts to men's cross country and track bring its proportionality levels into compliance, and a new women’s golf program will also be added in the fall.

These changes may sound like good news for women athletes at UD, especially golfers. But emerging research suggests that even when schools cut men’s programs in the name of Title IX, the freed-up money rarely flows straight toward the female locker rooms.

The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has announced this year's honorees. Texans achieving coaching milestones are Doug Boyd of Texas A&M (20 years) and Steve Collins of Southern Methodist (30 years).

Time for an update on zero tolerance ding-dongs. Catch up here. You won't believe the latest round of stupidity. Read the story and watch the video here.

“It makes me feel like I can’t trust people in a position of authority like that,” Graham said. “It’s scary to think that they would do something to a kid that doesn’t have any problems.”

How about those folks at Alden & Associates? They've helped schools like Kutztown and Nebraska-Omaha decide which men's sports to dump. Testimonials? Yeah, they've got 'em!

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Feasability Study

"I was impressed with the overall breadth of service. Due to the extent of our reorganization, we required a firm that could perform a judicious review in an extremely short window; Alden & Associates delivered for UNO."

Trev Albert
Director of Athletics

Delivered? Really??? Read more here.

SMU has posted an ad for a women's assistant coach. Job is posted on the CSCAA site here.

Been on the edge of your seat, waiting to see the high school rule changes for 2011-12? Sit back and relax! The NFHS has posted rule changes here.

4-1-new 4: Once the meet competition is concluded, the referee continues to maintain clerical responsibilities through the completion of any required reports or correspondence related to action occurring during the meet. If necessary, the state association may intercede due to unusual incidents after officials’ jurisdiction ends or the meet is terminated prior to conclusion of regulation competition.

Rationale: Administrative duties for meet referees may need to continue after the contest to document actions which occur during the competition. This revision illustrates the difference between the meet referees’ jurisdiction during the competition and other clerical responsibilities such as submitting specific reports after the competition is completed. In addition, clarifies that state associations may continue to develop and implement policies that allow for review of unusual incidents that occur while the meet officials have jurisdiction or after the competition is completed.

Better late than never, right? No, there's been no change in Appendix B.

Rumor: Has anyone heard that Colorado Time Systems will sponsor relay towels for all 2012 high school state qualifiers?

Want to join the first-ever group of NISCA Fellows? Application form is here. Deadline is July 1.

The UIL steroid testing program yielded one (1) positive out of 2,083 tests. Read more here. Could have saved them a lot of money - it had to be that danged 4'10" kid who kicked the 93-yard field goal into a 35 mph wind.

A&M sprinter/brainiac Casey Strange has been awarded an NCAA post-graduate scholarship. Read more here.

Mustangs Audra Egenolf and Sascha Van den Branden have also earned NCAA post-grad scholarships. Read more here.

"We are very excited about Audra and Sascha earning the prestigious NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship," head coach Steve Collins said. "This is a tribute to their hard work and dedication as student-athletes. We offer our congratulations to them both and wish them continued success in their postgraduate programs."

Former Longhorn Whitney Hite will be the new men's and women's head coach at Wisconsin. Read more here.

"One of the things that stood out to me — besides his background as a swimmer and working his way through the ranks as an assistant coach — is where he took a program at Washington, which did not have very good facilities," Alvarez said. "(He) took them to a place where both men and women's teams were ranked nationally."

Longhorn recruit Clay Youngquist was recently named Detroit Athletic Club Michigan Male High School Athlete of the Year. Read more here.

Finally, College of the Sequoias is dumping men's tennis and golf. Read more here.

"The rationale behind cutting was a lack of numbers," said Vice President of Academic Services, Duncan Graham, "men's tennis had 13 players on their roster and men's golf only had seven in the spring of 2009."

Rice has eight (8) men on the golf roster and ten (10) guys on the tennis squad. Those are D-I programs. The COS "rationale" sure doesn't sound very rational.

Originally, the school was looking to cut both the men's and women's golf and tennis teams, but according to Graham, that was not in compliance with the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX, which states that all athletes of a school that receives federal financial assistance should not be subjected to any discrimination, regardless of sex.

Okay, now we get it...

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